Self-Monitored Security Systems: The Benefits of Security Cameras

Investing in a security system is one of the most effective ways to protect your home, yourself, and your belongings. With all the new advancements in home security, you’re probably wondering where to start. Learn about self-monitored home security systems and how they can help ease your mind about future break-ins.

What Is a Self-Monitored Security System?

A self-monitored (or unmonitored) security system differs from a monitored security system in one key way. Monitored security systems are wired to send security alerts to a monitoring center, which then makes the call to emergency services to respond to the alert. Self-monitored systems, however, send the security alert to your phone or control panel and let you decide when to call emergency responders. These types of security systems are often cheaper than monitored systems since they cut out the use of a monitoring center.  All you need a good internet connection which for this security system which you can get from here.

Pros of Using Self-Monitored Security Systems

Self-monitoring systems are the go-to option for homeowners since they are fairly inexpensive compared to systems with a monitoring fee. There are many ways to self-monitor your home, including through the use of security cameras, motion sensors, and alarms. These devices are equipped to link with your smartphone and to send an alert if there’s an intruder in your home. This is a great tool for those tech savvy people who want remote access to their security system as they’re traveling.  

Easily install a self-monitored system with the help of a local business that specializes in Denver security systems. Or choose a monitored service that’s best for you, which will take the stress out of contacting authorities yourself. 

Security Camera Benefits

Whatever system you choose, security cameras are essential to your safety. There are many benefits to adding security cameras around your property. First, even the appearance of having a security system in place may deter burglars. Many newer surveillance systems have speaker capabilities, so you can potentially frighten burglars away by notifying them that the authorities are aware of their activities and are on the way. 

Active cameras can send live footage directly to your smartphone so you can decide how to respond. Additionally, catching a burglar’s activities on camera helps authorities to better track down the suspect and prevent recurring threats in your area. Adding security cameras to your monitoring system is a low-cost and effective way to deter burglaries in your home and can bring you (and your neighbors!) peace of mind.

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