Importance of Avaya Telephone System and its features

An Avaya Telephone system is one of the right and best choice for any medium-size or small-size companies today. For example, if they have 250 or 25 or 5 employees within their concern, already established or just now started with multiple locations or a single office. An Avaya Telephone system can provide the best solution and also unifies your communications that can take care of your business communications. On different choices of devices such as home phone, office phone, mobile phone, computer, or laptop with the help of broadband, wired or wireless connections.

Avaya phones can fulfill your employees required capabilities to adapt your budget and goals; it may be on-the-go knowledge worker, home telecommuter, services or sales representatives, or your receptionist. Avaya Products is the global leader concerning business communication systems and assist the large or small companies across the globe with lower operating expenses and also to grow sales communication. They are numerous unknown information about Avaya phone models and their working process.


Find below the list of features offered by Avaya Telephone system:

VoIP Calling 

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) assists the phone calls to work based on stable internet connection instead of our traditional telephone lines. This VoIP phone system offers numerous benefits with decreased lead times and also offer functionality & flexibility within the system. It is also possible to provide any country phone number across the world, who have invested to utilize the VoIP infrastructure.

Gate or Door Access Control

This phone system will allow controlling the entire access systems for your gates and as well as the doors. This is simply programmed to achieve with the help of a relay system to trigger from the bottoms towards the handset.

Avaya IP Office Conferencing

It also includes in-built functionality of Avaya IP Office Conferencing features for arrival announcement and also pin access control. It is possible to assign a dedicated external phone number to reach the conference room by simply allowing the remote dial-in or even dialing the provided internal number.

Business Voicemail Service 

In some situations, it is also possible for not able to attend the calls. Avaya Phone setup provides the integrated InTouch voicemail along with features such as secure remote access, move voicemail to email functionality, custom greetings, and voice mail forwarding.

Avaya Phone System – Working Process

Find below the working process of Avaya IP Phone system:

Designed for Collaboration – Avaya technology is specially designed and allows the users to work closely along with their office team members. It has other features such as conferencing, voicemail, call forwarding, and call waiting to work with others. The collaboration system will work perfectly with the global economy and assist to connect other vital information. It also has developed with high-quality collaboration system and tools.

Flexible – We all know that earlier most of the companies were using the business phones will very few handy features. However, with the latest IP technology, users can utilize mobile phones and also the VoIP handsets. It also assists with other technologies such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and data retrieval & storage.

Avaya Telephone system will offer more flexibility with more features to your business such as Whisper (Even during client conversation, allowed to use interoffice messaging) and Follow me/Find me. It can be used to pre-designate each individual call routing. You can set it on a home phone, a mobile phone, or an office phone to hear the voicemail and answer to someone using your available closest phone.

Reliable – The phone system will offer a reputed and more reliable communication tool. With the help of their large R&D team (Research and Development), Avaya products will offer high-quality items with cost-effective and as well as advanced technology. IP system will be more reliable and also offer clear sound quality when compared to the traditional phone system. This can easily offer with a best business communication system to utilize without any worry.

Scalable – If once your business had grown, it is essential to require more laptops, more phones, and also to purchase more desks. The growth in the latest technology can even scale up your business communication system to expand the IP networking and also to add some required hardware. Avaya phone setup can combine both voice and data by using the converged network. The IP (Internet Protocol) technology utilizes a stable & good internet connection to connect your system for a better purpose. It allows growing your entire communication system without adding more phone lines or more cables.Avaya Telephone system also has some drawbacks with regard to communication solutions. Since Avaya products offer flexible, cost-effective products, and also a few equipment has a new technology that is very difficult for installation. You can streamline your business by using the rich communication system features. Most of the companies across the globe will use Avaya products to offer committed quality service.

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