How to Choose the Luxury Watch Brand for you?

Are you looking to buy your first luxury watch? Of course, it is the part of your life and being. Initially designed for timekeeping purposes, the wrist watches have now changed forever. This is something that resonates with your personality. So choosing the right watch will need a great care. The following tips should be helpful to you.

Choosing a Swiss brand wrist watch should be a unique experience. If you are buying your first luxury watch, the tips here should be one of the best options you can go with.

Check out the style

A wrist watch is what will stay with you forever. Something that is part of your life and an heirloom that stays with you. Choose the style that goes with your personality.

You have plenty of options to go with. Some examples are classic watches that come with a simple styling and watch faces. It should be the best option for your formal days. The dress watches are designed for attitude and a new look.  A few other options include sport watches and high-end luxury watches.

Opt for a perfect brand

Brands are associated with a rich culture, and perhaps that should be one of the best options to choose the perfect brand that goes with your personality. In fact, a brand is an excellent option for checking out the exact personality of your life. Grand Seiko, Rolex, Omega and Breitling are a few excellent brands that would be a few of the best brands you will fall in love with.

Breguet is known in the history as one of the best watch makers. In fact, they are associated with the personalities like Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte. That should be something you would really be impressed with. Rolex, on the other hand, has been a brand perfect for deep sea exploration. So, which brand suits your image and personality. Perhaps a deeper research would be quite practical.

The Movement that best meets your needs

This is yet another pointer that should go a long way in letting you chose the best brand and watch type that best meets your requirements. The movement is also known by name calibre, and there are basically two options you can choose – Quartz and Mechanical.

Quartz has become the most popular timekeeping technology and is the most widely used option among the current breed of wrist watches. They are powered by a battery and are not much costly. The watches do not have many moving parts. Most of the Swiss watch brands opt for mechanical movement, but employ strict guidelines. The mechanical watches depend upon the mechanical movements and can be a little difficult to handle. The accuracy of the timekeeping may be a little affected. In fact, the accuracy would be extremely dependent upon the quality of mainspring and other elements.

Know your Budget first

Swiss watches or for that matter any luxury watch does not come cheaper. There are several brands that that may be quite difficult to handle for most of the regular watch buyers. A good swiss watch can cost anywhere between 500 pounds to 5 million pounds.

Before you begin your research, make sure what is your budget. This can be quite helpful enough in letting you choose the best brand and best model that should meet almost all your needs, while being pocket friendly. Most of the watch buyers compare it to the cars, and they are perfectly right when they make that claim.

Durability and maintenance

Of course, luxury watches are equivalent to cars like we already made a mention in the previous section of this buying guide. Now that you are buying a luxury watch, you would also be interested in the maintenance of the watch as well.

Check out the maintenance schedule and the associated costs before finalising your new luxury watch. Do note that the Swiss watches come with a perfect and regular maintenance services and let you get them serviced at regular intervals. A good servicing period should range between 3 to 5 years.

Water and dust resistance

This is one of the most widely misunderstood concepts when buying your watches. For example, a 30 metre water resistance would mean it should be able to resist the rain, but that should not necessarily mean that you would be dipping in the water!

A watch with a 50 metre water resistance would mean you should be able to swim easily with your watch on your hand. Likewise, a 100 metre water resistance will translate into snorkelling, and a 200 metre resistance should mean a great performance against extreme water sports. Choose the water resistance properties based on what exactly you would be using the watch for.

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were a few buying tips you can employ while buying a luxury watch. Of course, if you are a seasoned buyer of watches, you would come with a great list of options for choosing the right kind of watch. However, the tips featured here are meant for the first time buyers, and we assume these should be helpful for all your requirements.

We assume the list of options that we have featured in this compilation should meet most of the points you need to look for in your favourite luxury wrist watch. If this helped you out, you are free to share your thoughts and how this buying guide helped you through the comments here below.

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