5 Effective Social Media for Business

Social media for business is now a popular way for small business and beginner businessman. It is ways to reach, and the market is wide. Besides, most of them are also free. You do not need to add more money to build a virtual office. There will be so many social media you can choose for the business you run. Each of it has different advantage and disadvantage. Know well the feature you need.

Ian Anderson Gray is a social media consultant who creates a list for beginner businessman to use social media as an effective tool to promote their product. One social media for business to choose is MailChimp. This first launched in 2001, and is known as newsletter service and email marketing service. This is one way that most businessman does, sending newsletter through email to their customers. MailChimp will also help you to know the potential customers based on demographic.

Google Analytics is another way that businessman needs to know how many visitors come to the website, where they come from, the gender, and how long they access the website of your product. This will be a great tool for listening from your customers. You can use this to create another movement in business.

There are also social media for business that are closer in our daily activities; Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are three of many media we can use.

Facebook is very popular until today. It was first launched in 2004, and by 2015 there are more than 800 million active users who use this social media. In Facebook, you will be able to create a business page and invite friends to like your page. Once they like, they will follow every post you create. They also can share it. If your products are interesting, it can grab their attention fast.
Twitter is another social media for business you can try. Unlike Facebook where you can post in long sentences without any limitation of characters, in Twitter it is limited to write post, only 140 characters. Yet, the hash tag on Twitter will help us to connect with other business or customers. You will also be able to see various response of your post.

YouTube is also popular among blogger. We now have beauty bloggers who regularly upload their tutorial video on YouTube. Well, this can be an effective mean to promote your product then. One important thing to keep, whatever the social media for business is that always reply the feedbacks from customers.

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