Bone Conduction Headphones Alternative to Aftershokz

In general, the bone conduction always allows the user to hear sound via the vibrations of bones of your face including cheek bones and jaw bones. This means that the sound waves are bypassing the middle and outer ear, where the eardrum is exactly placed and also directly motivating the inner ear such as hearing organ. Over the several years, the bone conduction technology has been around and also used as a perfect tool to support those who have hearing loss. Even people who was hearing paired can also use the bone conduction to listen music by simply biting down on the stick of composer, which was touching the piano. Here are the four major industries that have benefited from the use of bone conduction technology:

Military communication

The military was one of the foremost adopters of the bone conduction technology, which executing at the back of the ear style headsets for message on a combat zone. This was actually a noteworthy development to the field communication; because it allows the users to keep hold of the complete consciousness of ambient sound. It also enables the capability to send wirelessly via the bone conduction.

Hearing aid users

Since decades ago, there are more than 100, 000 hearing loss patients have been fitted with a bone conduction device called as BAHA, i.e. Bone Anchored Hearing Aid. It just happens that these headphones are also becoming a good option for those who wear in-ear hearing assists. This is absolutely right; because it is surely maybe to put on the headphones while tiresome the hearing supports.

Ambient noise solution

Even the Apple is starting to recognize the advantages of making earphones, which allow the user to be completely attentive of their environments as well as enhance the speech recognition in the ambient situations.

Scuba diving

Utilizing the bone conduction beneath water is fully amazing, but there is no further way to declare it. Actually, this technology was unproved as faraway reverse as 1996. Since, the scuba diving was popularizing on this technology.

Sports headphones

In these days, the bone conduction headphones have become ultimately famous in the musical field. However, integrated into this hearing healthcare production for several years is now being used in the music media industry as a various method to hear.

Perhaps, if you have a one-sided or conductive hearing loss, then it is possible. More importantly than, you have one functioning cochlea as extensive as available. Among the various kinds of headphones, now one of the best and highly recommended bone conduction headphones is Aftershokz Trekz Air. Unluckily, the bone conduction is not essentially worse than the air conduction headphones. The main problem is that this kind of bone conduction is not clearly implantable. So, you are not obtaining a perfectly straightforward transmission, which builds for a bad sound quality.

Is bone conduction headphone first-class enough so far?

Over the past few years, the Aftershokz bone conduction headphones are highly recommended by the AudioReputation website and also act as a great alternative to the previous brands. A person who wants the headphone that does not cover your ears, the Aftershokz is really a perfect choice. However, this ear phone is not only listening to the music, but also has ultimately good sound quality and also utilizes it for speech. For the particular use, the wired Aftershokz titanium head phone will perform the entire tasks, but it is not that much expensive.

Basically, the sound is a vibration than more you think about the fact the weirder it obtains. Over the past few months, there is a popularity of bone conduction headphones. This particular product is made from the futuristic sounding technology that costs around $30. This pair of wireless product has specially built by the Chinese company named as Aftershokz. This company has started off building the bone conduction headphones for several purposes like military. For the previous couple of years, it has been trying to force them into a mainstream along with a combination of success.

At present, instead of sounding around transferring the vibrations via the air like damn clown, the bone conduction headphones can take a straightforward route and transferring vibrations directly into the top of your jaw as well as to your brain and inner ear as well. Of course, this is a wonderful idea that is using like the normal headphones. But, the specialized thing about Aftershokz headphone is making as a flexible and sound proof. If you are cycling or trekking, the Aftershokz is a perfect choice to use between music to listening, which is being aware to your surroundings. Therefore, the bone conduction headphones are fully living up to its promise and also make a very big difference in your listening experience. With this bone conduction, you can surely obtain a combination of inside and outside noise. You can also use this as a normal headphone and more specifically has its charm.

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