Don’t Sleep on Your Company’s Mobile App

When your small business has a mobile app, it is important that you pay attention to it with regularity.

As your competitors look to get the advantage on you, one way they may go about this is by having their own mobile app. If they do, how up to speed are you on how it works and what level of success it is having?

To give your company the best chance to outshine others, make sure your mobile app is getting the job done.


What Does Your App Offer Consumers?

In looking at your brand’s mobile app, first review its strengths and any weaknesses.

If you feel you can’t devote the time to reviewing it yourself, look to see what the pros that do so for living have to say. Your goal should always be to get the best in mobile app ratings.

That said some of the areas your app should shine include:

  1. Sound marketing – Given your app is a great tool, are you scoring big when it comes to marketing your brand? Use your app to market whatever products or services your small business offers. When you look at your app, it should be telling consumers why your brand is better than that of the competition. For instance, might your small business offers the best in delivery? Could the online checkout process for your store be tops in your industry? Determine what you want consumers to know about why you stand out and then market the heck out of it via your app.
  2. Easy to download and open – If consumers have a hard time downloading your app or opening it, do you expect them to use it? Often, such consumers will go elsewhere for their business needs. While they still may use your business for in-person buying, you won’t get much if any business through your app. If this happens, you could be missing out on a fair amount of business. Review your app on a regular basis to see if there are any glitches when it comes to downloading and opening it.
  3. Socially active – Make sure you are using social media sites to help promote your app. For instance, Instagram is a great social site to promote imagery of your brand. If you have certain products or services that are worthy of photos, put them on your app. When people go on your mobile app, they can click on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other such links. A social presence also allows you to get consumer feedback. Best of all, you can interact with consumers at any and all times of the day and week. By keeping the conversations going, increase the chances of building a long-time relationship.
  1. Tell your story – Last, make sure your mobile app tells your brand’s story. Whether you are a startup or have been around for some time now, you have a story to tell. As such, your app can be the perfect setting for such a story. From how you got started to what you do to how you best service customers, let the world know.


If you’ve been sleeping on a company mobile app that needs to change as you push forward in the small business world.

So, will your mobile app be a rock star or one the consumer forgets about?

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