Best Technologies to Help Run Your Business

Modern technology is omnipresent in business. From mom and pop shops that use point-of-sale systems to manage orders, to healthcare facilities that are using electronic systems to store patient data electronically, the need for technology cannot be ignored. Doing so can be detrimental to your business as competitors outperform you at every turn. But even as you agree to invest your resources and integrate technology into your business, a problem that many entrepreneurs face is knowing which ones can actually help their business run more efficiently and which ones are mere non-essentials. Here are four of the best technologies to help run your business more efficiently:


A dedicated website serves as your business’ calling card, but even better since people can view it online 24/7. If you don’t have a business website yet, consider investing in one. Either hire an agency to make a website for you or use a content management system, like WordPress, to bootstrap one.

So, how does a website help you run your business? For starters, it helps you disseminate information about your brand without having to repeat yourself multiple times. Any future updates and overhauls that your brand undergoes can easily be announced through your website.

Point of Sale System

A POS system can help you calculate what’s owed to you by your customer. You’ve probably seen them in action at brick-and-mortar retailers, like your local Target store. It pertains to the time and place where a transaction is closed between a customer and a business.

Although the traditional cash registers were already useful for businesses, the post 2000s brought about a new generation of POS systems and POS software. Advances in cloud computing have enabled POS systems to be offered as software and a service, which can be directly managed from the web. With a cloud-based POS system working for your business, it’s easier to manage, store, and use customer data to predict seasonal demand and buying habits.


Slack is one of the largest collaboration tools used today by commercial teams and workforces. Whether you want to start a new project, hire new employees, or assess next year’s cash flow, Slack can help you do all that, and more. Used by large companies, such as AirBnB and Capital One, Slack can help you run your business in more ways than one. Its utility as a communications platform, however, is unmatched and noteworthy. With it, you can improve how you communicate information with your employees and team members.

Data Security

Protecting your business’ data from hackers and their malware is becoming increasingly important, with the myriad of cyber security attacks reported today reaching alarming levels. The use of data security tools, such as a commercial antivirus system, can help guarantee that your business is safeguarded from security breaches, which cost businesses billions of dollars in damages and losses, not to mention the loss of respect and trust from their customer base.

Technology is an ally that businesses must learn to use. If you’re confused as to what technologies are worth looking into and investing in, start with the four areas mentioned in this article.

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