5 Must-Have Features for Every Homeowner Association Website

Many homes in the United States are a part of a homeowners association. But what does this mean?

Well, the HOA ensures your community looks at its best. It also makes sure that it’s functioning correctly.

So, are you buying a home in the neighborhood with common areas and amenities? Chances are, the homeowners association maintains these homes.

Currently, the HOAs are setting up websites for their communities. The HOA community website should include the following features.

  1. Custom Photos

The HOA community website should be optimized for the community. The best way to do this is by customizing the photos you use on this site.

Most people tend to download photos over the internet and use them on their homeowner association websites. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, use pictures of houses in your community.

With this, the homeowners will identify with this website. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to market your premises.

  • The Private Resident Only Section

The section should address members of a particular homeowners association. The content here differs from one HOA to the other. Each of these HOAs has unique rules and regulations governing them. As such, include these terms in this section.

  • Contact Forms

Most people make the mistake of building a website they want, rather than the one they need. For example, everyone wants the giant ‘about us’ page. However, the majority of them reject basic things like contact forms, menu, and directions.

We can’t stress enough the importance of contact forms in the HOA. You don’t want the visitors to ask themselves, ‘how hard is this to contact this HOA?’

Check the best HOA website examples and see they have visible contact information. Nothing is more frustrating to your visitors, like trying to get you in vain.

But be careful about how the contact forms appear on your site. Don’t copy them as an image. Ensure they’re clickable, or one can copy them to place a call. Remember, several smartphones have a click to call option.

  • The Community Event Calendar

The HOA board should do everything possible to ensure residents are comfortable. The best way to do this is by having a community event calendar on the website.

The purpose of this calendar is to inform homeowners of whats supposed to take place. Here are some few things to include in the schedule;

  • Community repairs and maintenance.
  • The community beautification and landscaping day.
  • Any fun activity and event.
  • Evaluation and updates on the community amenities.
  • The planning session for the board.
  • List of Nearby Service Providers in the Local Area

Homeowners pay some money for repairs and maintenance in your home. As such, they expect timely and quality support whenever a need arises.

As such, the HOA should provide details of various service providers in the area. It makes it easier for homeowners to contact them and get the services they need.


Every sector in the economy is going digital. Your homeowner’s association is no different. However, for it to be successful, it must include these features.  

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