Future Anti-Coronavirus Cinema Chairs

As we all know, the dangerous coronavirus has been affecting the entire world for more than half a year now. People across the globe are forced to stay at home to stop the spread of the virus. However, they also know that they cannot live like this forever. Life must go on. This is why some innovations are made to help people living their life safely during this pandemic, including within the entertainment industry. A number of countries are planning to reopen cinemas after being closed for 6 months, since March 2020 due to the coronavirus.

Though it is still a plan, an American design company has already released future anti-coronavirus cinema chairs. Layer is a design agency from the United States of America. They introduce their design of cinema chairs that can be used during the pandemic. The product is named Sequel and called as a premium cinema chair. It targets moviegoers who want to enjoy their most anticipated movies in the cinema yet still want to keep themselves safe from the spread of the dangerous virus.

As cited on its official website, Sequel has new features that are not equipped in the old, conventional cinema chairs. This anti-corona cinema chair features a removable protective shield and UV light to sterilize compartments and the cinema chair itself after being used. The material of the anti-coronavirus cinema chair is made from hydrophobic three-dimensional knitted fabric, which is antibacterial and waterproof. The fabric material is also not woven to remove gaps that could potentially become a place where dirt accumulated.

This anti-coronavirus cinema chair is also equipped with an LED lamp on the side to inform the number and row of the chair. This way, moviegoers will be able to find their seat more quickly. So, they will not be in the crowd with other people for too long. Unlike the conventional cinema chairs that have a place to put food and drinks on the armrest, Sequel has a small table placed in front of the chair to put drinks and popcorn.

Since the coronavirus is still around, it is possible that cinema companies will be attracted to use this innovation. Because businesses must go on and health and security protocols are important at the same time.

How Technology Develops the Movie Industry

Technology has been rapidly developing in many industries, including the movie industry. Changes in the film industry can clearly be seen in the technology used. In the beginning, movies were black and white, silent, and extremely fast. Then, it evolved to suit our visual system, in color and with all kinds of effects that make it look more dramatic and more real. Movies cannot only be enjoyed in TVs and movie theatres. But the presence of DVDs and Blu-Rays also allows people to enjoy their favorite movies at their houses.

With the development of the internet, films can also be watched through this superhighway network. Nowadays, there are not only 2D movies but also 3D movies that make us feel that the movies are more alive and more real. With the very rapid development of three-dimensional films, of course, the development of manufacturing technology will increase.

3D movies use information capture technology. It is made by using computerization of real human action images. Such a movie uses a studio that is a parable of the place where the story is set. Some directors produce 3D movies by using film cameras with the latest technology that can produce 3D stereoscopic images. Stereoscopic images are the one that makes you feel that the image is extremely close when you look at it on the screen.

The computer graphics application used is Computer Generated Imagery or also known as CGI. Some popular or frequently used CGI software is Art of Illusion, Blender, Maya, and many more. CGI is the application of the field of computer graphics, or more specifically, 3D computer graphics for special effects in movies, TV programs, commercials and general simulations, and print media. With this software, you can create 3D images complete with various effects that you want.

One of the CGI effects is digital grading. With this effect, the original colors of the shots are revised using the software to give the impression according to the scenario. An example of this effect is found in Lord of the Rings: The Two Tower where Boromirs’ face becomes paler when he dies. Instead of using makeup, this kind of effect is made by using the digital grading effect of CGI.

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