Best Google Cardboard Apps In 2019

Google Cardboard

The technology in today’s world is growing at a rate faster than ever before. Many new technologies are being invented daily. In today’s technological world everything is changing rapidly, specifically in the field of technology. In this rapidly changing world, people are introduced to more and more new technologies daily for example blockchain, VR (Virtual Reality) , Machine Learning etc. VR (Virtual Reality) is the latest and a very cool thing in the industry. Virtual reality changing the world with the limitless possibilities it offers to the people.

Virtual reality is known to be a future technology and it is in its development mod. Not many companies offer this VR technology products but as Google is one of the biggest and largest tech Giants in the world it offers some amazing applications and products on this VR technology.

What is Google Cardboard ?

Google has developed cheap and amazing device which can help you experience virtual reality through your mobile phone. This device is made up of cardboard the users or buyers have to assemble it by reading the manual in the package. Because Google wanted to offer something cheap this Google cardboard is available on the Play store for only $15. It is a do-it-yourself cardboard kit that was introduced by Google in 2014. It is very simple to use this any person without much technical knowledge can use this easily. It only requires an Android or iOS smartphone with display and processing power experience the virtual reality to Google’s cardboard.

Here are some of the VR based applications which you can try on your Google cardboard.

1.   VTime XR

As this applications name indicates it is a virtual reality social media network and anybody with Google cardboard can download and participate in this virtual world. This application allows you to meet new people, chat and share your photos.

It is a cross platform application which is its best part so you can enjoy it through any VR headset.

Download the App VTimeXR

2.   InMind 2 VR

This is a mind game just like InCell. This game improves our decision making strategy and neuroscience of our brain. This game gives a very amazing experience inside the carefully recreated human brain. In this game you will be helping in forging john’s future, a teenager becoming an adult. This game will teach you many things about the human brain.

Download the app: InMind2VR

3.   Netflix VR

Now most of you must be wondering about this application. As we all know, Netflix is the “movies and series giant” , this Netflix VR is a different application developed and produced by Netflix itself. Through this application you can watch all the Netflix movies and series with the VR experience and because of the popularity of Netflix it has some plus points. This application already have a platform because of this it reaches more countries and makes it easier for more users to access nearly unlimited content.

These were the three Google Cardboard Apps which everyone must try once to have an amazing VR experience. To know more about this type of VR apps check this article about best vr apps: google cardboard applications for ioS and Android.

What can you watch with Google Cardboard?

Google cardboard is a VR headset which can be used to watch any movie or series available in the virtual reality format for example using the Netflix VR application you can watch so many movies and series with the experience of virtual reality.

Is VR bad for eyes?

This is a very highly asked question about the VR technology and headsets. It has a very long answer but let me tell you in the short the VR is not bad for eyes it doesn’t hurt your eyes. The only effect which you can experience through VR is fatigue and dryness and that is when you use or watch any movie or series for a very long time. VR is not harmful your eyes at all.

Final words

In this article, I have tried to tell you about the best VR applications which you can download to get an amazing VR experience. I have tried to clear all your queries regarding this topic. For more amazing and informative content subscribe to DailyJunkies.

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