All You Need To Know About Tow Bars

What do you use your car for? Today, cars are used for a variety of reasons, the reason you use your car is different from your friend. However, some are attracted to cars for they provide independence and you can go anywhere you want at any time whereas some will want to use their cars to take them to their workplaces and back home or even take their family for an out. Sometimes, you may find that you have other important things that need you to do with your car and for you to accomplish the task you must use tow bars and this is where West Cott Tow Bars are recommended.

Although there are vehicles with tow bars already fitted, some need a specialist to fit them so that you can tow things such as trailers full of garbage or even caravan to the beach for a family holiday. If you are lucky to have your already fitted to your car then you can read this article to find out other things that could be helpful when it comes to tow bars, but if you are looking to invest in towbars, it is crucial to put into consideration some important factors before you decide to spend your money or before you start fitting one to your car.

Important factors to consider when choosing tow bars
Now that you have decided to purchase a tow bar for your car, it’s high time to spend a little bit of your time to consider a few important things. To make sure you don’t experience some difficulties in your towing experience that is it is simple, safe and practical; you must put into considerations some important aspects.

First, you must ensure you have the right car for the job. This is because you need to have it in your mind that a small engine which does not contain enough power will find it hard to pull large trailers or caravans, on the other hand, a small trailer with light luggage simply does not require a large vehicle to pull it. When you have determined the size of the load that you need to it’s easier to choose the car you can use. For the tow bar also, you must consider the amount of weight you are thinking of towing. If the task doesn’t need towing a caravan, but instead you need a trailer, a small tow bar can work well but you don’t have to limit your mind on just the weight of the trailer but also the contents inside.

Here, you must be careful to make a mistake and plan for the weight of the vehicle itself like the weight of the trailer or caravan not having it in your mind that when they are fully loaded, the weight increases. This might lead to ripping away of the car’s bodywork as you drive down the road and so resulting in expensive bodyworks repairs.

Types or tow bars
The next step after you are clear of the things you are likely to be towing is to start thinking about selecting the appropriate tow bar that can meet your needs.

There are three main types of tow bars available in the market today- the fixed flange ball tow bar-most popular within the UK the detachable swan neck tow bar and the third one is the fixed swan neck tow bar.

  • Fixed flange ball tow bar

This model of tow bars is mostly used for towing heavy cars and is manufactured with a flexible height setting and bumper protector- allows for total adjustment of towing height and additional accessories to be fitted. This type of tow bars is considered to be particularly cost-effective and it allows drivers to tow whilst at the same time carrying cycles.

  • Detachable swan neck tow bar

As the name suggests, these types of tow bars can be removed when you are done with your work so you don’t have to have it on your car every time but you can attach it when you need it.

  • Fixed swan neck tow bar

These models of tow bars are permanently attached to your car. They also have the least flexible design and they do not allow additional accessories to be used with them. Their price is also slightly higher.

Finally, after considering the numerous options it is also vital that you are aware of all of the laws relating to towing. You can’t just attach a tow bar to a vehicle, hitch up the trailer or caravan and hit the road. Different countries have different laws relating to towing so ensure you are knowledgeable about the legal requirements of your country.

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