Solar vs Wind: What’s Better

Solar energy

Solar panels and wind are heavy hitters regarding renewable energy and are the most popular and well-known alternative energy sources. Both power sources cut pollution and provide power to most of the population, especially in rural regions. Moreover, installing them on your property can help you save on electricity bills while reducing their impact on the environment.

However, most homeowners find it difficult to choose between solar and wind energy. So, if you are one of the many homeowners finding it hard to decide between these renewable energy systems, only thorough research and inquiries made at local solar companies in Alberta can help you find the best option for your home.

Find out what type of solar energy source could be best for your home by examining the benefits and disadvantages for both and other important aspects you should consider.

Benefits of having solar energy

Solar energy has many benefits that compel businesses and homeowners alike to purchase this renewable energy and discard their current power source. Some of the benefits that solar energy will provide homeowners will include:

  • Solar energy is predictable and will work well in most locations
  • Solar panels do not make noise, resulting in minimal noise pollution and distraction
  • These panels don’t require extensive maintenance
  • You can install the solar panels on the ground and rooftops with professional help
  • You can install panels of varying sizes according to the devices you purchase
  • Most federal governments provide subsidies for solar panel installation
  • Solar panel professionals can install personal solar panels in homes, businesses, or offices

Solar energy and its limitations

Although the benefits of solar panels are abundant, they still have limitations that all potential buyers should consider before making an investment decision. Some of the limitations of solar power can include:

  • Solar energy is highly dependent on weather conditions. As such, it may have issues when operating when it’s overcast and at night
  • Storing the energy in batteries might be expensive
  • Selecting the optimal location to place solar panels can be difficult to decipher without professional assistance
  • Although solar panels don’t require extensive maintenance, they are fragile. Because of this factor, you should take proper care when installing them

Benefits of having wind energy

  • Because wind energy is inexhaustible, it doesn’t cause air pollution
  • They work effectively during the day, night, and even in cloudy weather
  • Wind energy is produced domestically. So, it doesn’t need to import from other countries
  • The wind turbines are installed on large plain grounds that facilitate power to the villages

Wind energy and its limitations

  • The source of wind energy is unpredictable
  • Wind turbines produce a significant amount of noise
  • Because wind farms are located in remote areas, it makes transmission is expensive and hectic
  • Wind turbines are likely to get damaged by lightning and strong winds in rough weather

Which one is better?

Now that you know solar and wind energy in terms of their advantages and disadvantages, it is time to work out and determine which power source is the better option. As it appears, solar energy outweighs wind power. Although solar panels and wind turbines are both widely used and have their own merits, many opt for solar power for many different reasons listed below.

1. Easy installation

When it comes to installing wind turbines, you need to have a vast land that doesn’t have any kind of barrier. But you can easily install solar panels on the ground or even on the rooftops of houses.

2. Scalability

Solar panels on large solar farms could be developed so that they can generate energy on a much bigger scale. In addition, solar energy is more predictable in terms of how consistently you’ll receive your energy compared to the sometimes precarious effects of wind power.

3. Noise

The biggest advantage that solar energy has over wind power is that solar panels produce minimal to no noise, while wind turbines can be incredibly loud and have a presence you simply can ignore.

4. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, wind turbines can be difficult to maintain and when damage has been sustained, and repairs are needed due to the overwhelming size of a turbine, this can be a challenge to undertake. Solar panels, however, work effectively and do not need to be maintained persistently in the way wind turbines do. At most, you’ll need to clear off any debris obstructing a panel from time to time.

5. Capacity

There is no denying that the sun generates a great amount of power. In short, it is an amazing source of energy. As such, the massive amount of energy generated by using solar panels is much more compared to that of wind turbines.

Therefore, both solar and wind energy are great alternatives to exhaustible fuels and are promising. Still, solar energy remains a more steadfast option than wind power for a large number of reasons previously mentioned.

Make a decision

If you are looking to install solar panels in your residential or commercial premises, get connected with the best solar companies in Alberta. They will provide you with a one-stop solution for your needs. Keep in mind that by investing in solar energy, you can save a lot on your utility bills. A reputed solar company would install high-quality panels with the best solar technology available.

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