The Benefits of Ordering Printable Promotional Materials in a Trusted Online Printing Service

You can do so many things to promote your business. One of them is by giving a business card to people. Before that, just make sure that you have a professional and eye-catching card to attract customers to read and find out more about you. It is better to order a professional business card to the expert and
kkp montreal is ready to handle it. So, what do you need to consider while designing a card for promoting a business? 


There are several business sizes you can order. One of the most popular sizes is 55 x 85mm. It is often used because the card is handy and easy to keep it in the pocket or wallet. You also need to consult with the expert about the thickness of the card. The thickness determines the durability of the card. The durable the card, customers can keep and read it anytime they need your service.  


You also need to consider the colors in the business card. Just make sure that the colors represent your brand. You may take the colors from the colors of your business logo. Make the design simple along with balance colors. The main function of the color is to attract people who receive the card so they read the information and keep it. 

Information Detail  

A business card is a medium to show important things about your business. So, you have to include specific important information such as the business logo, company’s name, contact, address, and tagline. The idea is to make sure that customers know about who you are and what kind of services you can do for them. 

File Format

Nowadays, you can order a pack of a business card to an online printing service. Because of that, you need to consider the file format so the service can print the business card design maximally. For example, kkp montreal accepts several file formats such as Adobe Acrobat Document or *.PDF, Adobe Illustrator or *.ai, Adobe Photoshop Image or *.psd, *.jpg, and *.jpeg, and Bitmap or *.bmp. Then, find out how to upload the file and make sure that the service accepts your file. 

Printing Detail 

There two common business card designs you can order which are the 1-sided card and 2-sided card. 1-sided card means that the design will be printed on one side only. 2-sided card means that the design will be printed on both sides. Besides deciding the side option, you also need to determine the number of cards you want to print per pack. The packages are 100, 250, 500, and 1000 pieces per package. The type of paper is also important to consider in which you can choose to use 14 pt card stock and laminated, 18 pt card stock, and 26 pt card stock. You can print the business card with no bleed or white margin or full bleed.   

By considering the elements above, you will have eye-catching, high-quality, and professional business cards. For a simpler and faster printing process, you can use the online printing service offered by kkp montreal. 

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