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Have you ever wonder, why the space in your hard drive is getting less and less? The simple answer maybe because you have used it to save many file. However, in some case, this also can happen because there are too many duplicated file. There are two factors that can cause this problem. It can be caused by virus or you save the file twice, so it creates duplication. It won’t be a problem, if there is only one or two duplicated file. You just need to choose and delete those files. But, can you imagine how much time you need to spend, if there are more than thousands duplicated files in your hard drive. Fortunately, there are many Duplicate Finder applications that you can use to solve this problem. Cisdem Duplicate Finder is one of them. This time, we would like to review about Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac.


The first impression we got from this apps for its interface is easy to use. There are not too many buttons you need to click in order to detect and find duplication file. When you open this app, you will have three button, the “+” button, the arrow and “Scan” button. The arrow is the area where you drag and drop the folder that you want to scan for duplicated file. Or, you also can use the “+” button. If you use this button, there will be new window where you can choose many folders that you want to scan. Choose them and click “Open” button. Then, you will return to the previous three button page. The last thing you need to do is click “Scan” button and this app will do the job. This is actually really easy to do. However, there is one flaw that we found from this point. We can’t deselect folder that we have been selected. For example, if you select 3 folders to be scanned, but apparently you only need to scan 2 of them, you need to redo the process from beginning. So, maybe Cisdem can consider this matter and add the “Back” or “Reselect” button.

The Scan Process and Result

The scan process is quite fast. It takes couple minutes to scan folder with GB size type. And, this application also shows the result of the scanning. You will know what kind of duplicated file that this application found from the result window. At there, you can even check the file one by one to make sure that you don’t remove the wrong file. This application also provides several different result categories that you can choose. On first window, you will found all duplicated file. However, if you see on top of the windows, you can find several different tabs with different file type, like Pictures, Document, Movies, Music and other. Just choose one of them, if you want to find the duplicated file from specific type of file.

The other good thing is you can easily select and remove all duplication files. On the result window, you can click “Select All” button to select all files or click the check box beside file name to select the file individually. Then, just click “Delete” button to delete them all. But, what if we choose wrong file and accidentally delete it? This application won’t just remove them completely. They will be removing to the trash bin, so you can still restore the file that you don’t want to delete from that place. But, there is flaw on this process. When you select all duplicated file or click “Delete” button, there is no warning that tell you, what you are going to do will remove all files. You must know on many applications, when you are going to execute some command, there is always warning with “Yes” or “Next” and “No” or “Cancel” button, right? So, if you are hesitating, you can always choose to cancel it and look back at the previous step. Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac doesn’t have that. So, once you click “Delete” button, the deleting process will be executed and it can’t be turned back. Be careful, before you click it.

The Price

Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac isn’t free apps. Yes, you can try the Free Trial version, but you can’t use the delete feature. The price for this application is only $29.99. You can buy this app from its official website. Overall, this app is good app. it’s pretty light and run smoothly on any Mac that you have. Of course, there are some of flaws, but we can say that isn’t affected too much at the performance of the app.

Bottom Line:

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is a quite intuitive duplicate file finder Mac to find and delete duplicate files on your Mac, by using it can help you remove all the duplicates and speed up your Mac in mins. I would highly recommend it to all Mac computer users.

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