Racing Car Cooling System – Finding a Best One

There are many components that make a racing car the best one. One of these components is an efficient cooling system. It must perform a balancing act to protect the race car’s engine from potential fire. Most of the race cars come with a water coolant and without antifreeze.

If you are into personalizing your race car, you might want to know what the best coolants out there. There are lots of features that must be remembered before finding the best cooling system for your racing car. Size, airflow, radiator, fans etc are the features of racing cooling system. Here you will read the tips about finding the best car cooling system that suit your race car.

Right-Sized Radiator and Fan

In order for a car cooling system to work without any errors, it must have a good combination of the right-sized radiator and fan. So, how do you know about the right size? The practice is to look at the engine size and the amount of heat which is produced by the heat engine. Other factors to consider might include the amount of heat the radiator can dissipate. If all of this is too technical for you, it would be good to take help from a professional mechanic who knows the in and out of race car radiators, fan and engine.

Check the Airflow

One of the most critical factors to look at when buying a car cooling system is the airflow. It affects the radiator’s cooling power and efficiency. Proper airflow is the backbone of proper cooling. To make sure, the airflow is proper, you should check the size of fan.

If you want, you can add a small 12v air conditioner on top of the build-in air flow system to ensure maximum efficiency. Appropriate airflow ensures perfect cooling for your racing car. For all these reasons, carefully check the airflow before buying the car cooling system.

Types of Cooling System

A good way to find the best race car cooling system is to look at the type of racing car you have. If you have a sports car that can go to NASCAR, you will need a super cooling system. This is mainly because your engine will produce more heat. So, keep the type of race car you have in mind when looking for the best car cooling system.

Should you go for a Water Cooling System?

Water cooling systems are very common, but they are not the best coolants. They cause corrosion. So, if you want to use a water cooling system, make sure you use water pump lubrication and also an inhibitor to inhibit corrosion.

To increase the efficiency, you can add a water cooling system. It will not only enhance the surface tension, but also heat conductivity. Another important factor to consider is the proper flow of water. Improper flow causes the overheating issues. Overheating may cause serious damage of your racing car.

Compact Chillers for Electric Racing Cars

If you have an electric racing car, you might want to go for the compact chillers. There is a huge variety of compact chillers, but the best is the one that can run on power 12v/24v or 48v. There is real thing as world’s smallest air conditioner which is suitable for the small space cooling. These types of chillers or coolants are battery powered. They can also be powered by grid and solar power. What is even better is that you can run them on your electric car power. These chillers are very efficient and keep your racing car engines from getting overheated.

In short, follow the tips mentioned above to find the best racing car cooling system for your car. These tips should put you on the right track with your hunt for the best cooling system. However, it will not hurt to get an expert opinion about the best coolant for the race cars. Your experts can provide you the suggestions for exact cooling system. On the other hand, you can search online about which types of cooling systems are the best and economical. Then, choose the right one and keep you racing car cool.

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