6 spectacular benefits of moving your blog to the cloud

Consumers today are making informed decisions before they buy a product or a service. They believe in getting information from various sources from the internet to educate themselves with different perspectives. So, as bloggers, it is imperative for you to create and curate lots of content on your blog so that readers do not migrate to other platforms seeking industry related information. Hence, supporting your blog with a robust hosting service is critical.

Over a period of time, hosting on the cloud has become a go-to solution for bloggers as well as small-medium businesses to host their blog or website. The freedom, flexibility, and effect of the cloud have made it difficult for users to ignore its benefits. Let us take a look at some of them to know why-

1. Instantaneous access

Bloggers can access their work-related files and documents with the help of a cloud hosting service all the time. If a blogger chooses a cloud hosting package for their business blog, it will allow them to retrieve important files and modify them whenever they want. So, if you are a blogger yourself, you don’t need to worry about bypassing complicated service applications at all. This is one of the major pros of cloud hosting. So, whenever you are compelled to write on your blog, empower yourself with cloud hosting and ensure instantaneous access. 

2. Speedy recovery of data

A major feature of cloud hosting service is that they have speedy data recovery and backup process. Bloggers do face this issue all the while when it comes to data, for e.g a sudden loss of an important blog post because of technical glitches. In such cases, cloud hosting can be a savior. With a cloud, you can recover all the lost data and control the blog even better. Also, there are no issues with respect to resources i.e RAM or even disk space since no extra space gets utilized once you choose cloud hosting to ensure data security. This gives bloggers peace of mind and allows them to write relentlessly.

3. Better security

Cloud hosting is a service that locates all the web-based files at data centers that are secured with multiple layers of encryption codes. From the technological point of view, cloud protects data with passwords that are hard to decode. With these multiple levels of data protection, it becomes hard for any hacker or a virus to penetrate through a blog or a website hosted on a cloud. Thus, most of the cybersecurity threats including Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

and malware attacks are mitigated, allowing bloggers to trust cloud hosting as a service.

4. Top-notch performance

Cloud hosting servers are known for fastening the speed of a web page loading time. This is because of CDN (Content Delivery Network) which routes web traffic through a global network to optimize the time taken for delivering the web/blog page. Since Google considers page load time as a performance parameter, cloud hosting is great from the SEO point of view. So bloggers who are looking to boost their rankings, take this into serious consideration.

5. Lots and lots of storage space

Bloggers have no restrictions when it comes to ideation. Since cloud hosting service allows one to avail lots of space, it acts as a perfect combination for bloggers to host their blogs. Besides, even if anyone runs out of space, all the data that is stored in the remote database can be scaled quickly. With just one click. This has further facilitated bloggers with uploading images, writing longer blogs and uploading videos easily.

6. Worth until the last penny

Cloud hosting as a service has considerably reduced the time-to-go-online for many bloggers and aspiring affiliates. One of the prime reasons for this is the pricing. Though there are many other services that promise cheaper hosting rates, no service comes as close to the cloud when it comes to security, performance and data recovery.


Cloud hosting service is a great tool for those who are looking to build a strong web presence. Not only because it is fairly new as compared to most services but also because the technology that supports cloud keeps getting better as days go by. So, if you ever think of having your own website someday you can prepare yourself in advance with cloud and leverage on its high-end technology.

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