Why Do Honeymooners Choose Andaman As Their Hot Favorite Destination?

If you are looking for a romantic honeymoon amidst the grandeur of nature, you must at once head to the incredibly beautiful Andaman. You are sure to have an exotic honeymoon in the lap of nature. Andaman is regarded as the tropical paradise where honeymooners love to go for an experience of a lifetime. Come discover the blissful joys of matrimony amidst the enthralling beauty of nature.

There are a number of reasons for choosing the Andaman Islands as a honeymoon getaway. The pleasant climate prevailing in the Andaman Islands throughout the year is a real attraction for couples. Moreover, the plethora of adventure sports and other exciting activities such as swimming, boating, snorkeling, sightseeing etc. is a wonderful way of spending quality time with each other and discovering the joys of a happily married life.

Buy the Andaman Nicobar Tour Package for an Amazing Honeymooning Experience

Honeymooners, in general, would love to visit places that are not thronged by tourists. They would love to go to a peaceful, serene, and romantic getaway, far from the madding crowd. Moreover, the place must promise splendid tourist attractions and amazing adventure sports to pump up your adrenaline.

Couples are always looking for a place oozing with romantic appeal, pleasant weather, a picturesque landscape and a truly mesmerizing view that leave you spellbound. Andaman seems to be the ideal destination for romantic young couples. Andaman is actually a captivating group of islands that is certainly not a portion of the mainland so it boasts of a limited population and an incredibly beautiful tourist spot to have a romantic holiday with your life partner. Here are some of the chief reasons why Andaman is a huge hit as a honeymoon destination.

Alluring Beaches

Honeymooners must buy a suitable Andaman Nicobar Tour Package to explore the splendid tourist attractions amidst a super-romantic ambiance.Andaman is famous as a romantic getaway because of its splendid beaches such as the Radhanagar beach that is located on the famous Havelock Island. This beach is regarded as the paradise on the Earth as it is strategically located between the lush green forest cover and the turquoise waters of the magnificent Bay of Bengal. The Kala Pathar Beach is another romantic getaway cut off from the rest of the world. The highlight of this beach is that it is adorned with eye-catching black rocks. The Laxmanpur Beach located at the Veil Island is another hot spot for romantic honeymooners and holidaymakers. You may come here for spectacular sunsets, colorful corals, snorkeling, swimming, and other exciting water sports. You are sure to experience an adrenaline rush.

Andaman Nicobar Tour PackagePromises Reservations in Luxurious Resorts

There is a host of exotic resorts to choose from. They offer a truly lavish ambiance and you would be pampered with scrumptious meals, relaxing spas, super-relaxing and rejuvenating Jacuzzi and a mind-blowing environment. As far as, resorts are concerned, you would be spoilt for choice. Numerous plush resorts offer breathtaking views. These enthralling views would be accompanied by the warm hospitality. This could be a perfect celebration of life.

The Mind-Blowing Coral Reefs

You could visit the marvelous islands such as Jolly Buoy or the Red Skin to see the mind-blowing coral reefs. The marine ecosystem seems to spring into life with captivating colors on the coral reefs. You would surely be awestruck by the underwater world when you opt for scuba diving or even snorkeling. You may experience the joys of watching the coral reefs thanks to the glass boat ride.

Glass Bottom Boating and Seaplane Riding Are New Adventures

Glass-bottomed boats go from Port Blair to Jolly Buoy Island and Water Sports Complex to North Bay Coral Island and allow you to have a clear glimpse of sea life and its infinite wonders. Andaman also happens to be the very first Indian tourism spot to have a fleet of commercial seaplanes that will take as many as 9 passengers out from Port Blair to Havelock Island. The otherwise 2-hour ferry is covered in 15 minutes and is an awe-inspiring experience.


We have discussed some of the main reasons for choosing Andaman as the ultimate honeymoon destination. However, when you get the opportunity to explore and discover this amazingly beautiful tropical paradise, you would come to understand that the reasons for going there are simply endless. So what are you still waiting for? Head to the enthralling Andaman & Nicobar Islands for a memorable honeymoon!

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