Quality of Printer Cartridges – What to Pay Attention to When Buying

Most printers, even by well-known manufacturers, are nowadays relatively inexpensive. However, the printer cartridges are much more expensive. The price comparison when purchasing printer cartridges is worthwhile in any case. Different retailers often have enormous price differences. And a no-name alternative to brand cartridges can sometimes also be a better choice. However, there are a few factors to consider here.

Original Ink vs. Secondary Ink

The ink or toner cartridges of brand manufacturers for almost all common printers are quite expensive. However, compatible cartridges from third-party manufacturers are now available for most models. In comparison, these are often more than half the original price. Although printer manufacturers almost always warn of damage to the device or malfunctions caused by alternative ink, experiences usually show no such problems. Nevertheless, there are of course differences in the quality of alternative products. When selecting the printer ink, the manufacturer number of the printer must first be compared with the ink instructions. For the price decision, the filling quantity should also be compared. Customer reviews often provide valuable information on the ink quality. If these factors fit, a simple test run with the new cartridges is worthwhile. If the print result and the durability are the same as the original cartridges, a lot of money can be saved on the printer ink over the years.

Manufacturer’s Warranty for the Use of External Ink

If there is a complaint about the device, retailers often react with rejection if foreign ink was used. However, the statutory warranty also applies in this case without restriction. Normally, even the manufacturer’s warranty applies – points out experts from www.tonerlieferant24.de. This excludes damage to the device that can be proven to have been caused by third-party cartridges. In this case, however, the manufacturer of the printer cartridges would be obliged to pay. Thus, the customer doesn’t have to worry about the damage costs.

Refill Printer Cartridges by Yourself

In addition to no-name cartridges, refill sets for printer cartridges have also been available for several years. These are usually even less expensive than cartridges or toners from alternative manufacturers. The sets contain the individual colours in liquid form, as well as a syringe or the like, with which the ink can be filled into the old cartridges. However, this is usually not quite as simple as described. Often the ink goes off and leaves stains on tables, chairs or clothes. Furthermore, also the print heads get dirtier in many cases than with new cartridges. This method only saves money to a limited extent.

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