The Top 10 Surest Tips To Secure A Word Press Site In 2020

What would happen if one day you wake up and find out that your most precious digital asset — your Word Press site– is hacked? Boom! Everything is gone, vanished!  Nothing is secure in the world of the internet. Everything you think is safe is, honestly, vulnerable in the online world. This is why you always need to protect your site.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Most of the cyber security attacks can be prevented by applying a few tips. Here are the top 10 surest tips to secure a Word Press site in 2020.

Watch Out For Hosting Service

Most of us believe that the hosting service we are using is safe and secure until the day we get hacked for the first time. While it may be tempting for anyone to go for a cheap hosting service but trust us! It is of no benefit. Everything will go well initially but suddenly all your data will disappear. On the other hand, if you invest a little more on your hosting service, it will lead you to an additional layer of security.

So, it is advisable to go for a premium host (a managed host preferably) from a reputable hosting company with years of good service delivery. Also, the domain registrar should be one that offers two-step security and login authentication. Popular domain registrars like Namesilo, Namecheap, and Cloudflare offers this additional layer of security for all their customers.   

Keep everything updated 

Consistent update notifications appearing on your dashboard may seem to be annoying but they are really important for you. Do you know why most of the Word Press sites become vulnerable to cyber-attacks? It is because we do not pay heed towards updating our Word Press core, themes, and plugins. Therefore, always update them to guard your site well.

Never Ever Take Risk On Nulled Themes

It is always wise to choose Word Press premium themes. They are coded by highly professional developers and plus, they provide you with absolutely no restrictions on customizing your website the way you want to. However, there are some sites that provided a cracked version of premium themes. Never try those ones. They will completely ruin your site.

 Install the Plugins Wisely

It is paramount to choose the plugins wisely. Before installing a plugin, check its reviews and rating. There are some plugins that will take a lot of toll on your site and plus, there are contain malware as well. So, beware of the plugins you are using.

Don’t Run Multiple Word Press Installs

Don’t think of using multiple Word Press installs through a single hosting account. It can invite a host of problems if one of the sites is hacked. What most of us tend to do is that we run multiple Word Press installs off of a one hosting service. If one of the sites is hacked then it would make your backup restoring a total pain.

Go for a Strong Password

As they say, passwords are keys to your websites. Never use a simple or plain password. While the plain passwords may be easy to remember but they are also easy to guess. Any advanced user can crack that.

Don’t Forget TO Disable File Editing

There have been many instances in the past when the admin had not disabled the file editing feature while being live on the site and the hackers sneaked through their site by injecting some malicious code to themes and plugins and then, whole data is done and dusted in a matter of few minutes. So, whenever your site is live, disable the file editing feature.

SSL Certificate: The Need of The Time

Single Socket Layers are very important for any site. Even Google considers it as an important factor in SEO. It makes your sites safe and secure. In other words, without this certificate, all of your data and your user data is a risk of being leaked to the professional cyber attackers.

Change Your WP admin URL

In order to login to your website, you usually type this URL “”. It is recommended not to leave as it is. Always change the URL for logging into your site or add a security question to the login page. In this way, an added layer of security is provided to your site

Reduce the login attempts

Word Press allows you to try attempting log in as many times as you want. This may be beneficial for those admins who tend to forget their password but it is not beneficial for your site. 

Hackers can easily login into your dashboard with so many attempts. So, limit the number of  login attempts to your WordPress site and also block bad IP addresses from ever getting to your wp-admin pages. 

In Summary: 

These few tips (if followed religiously) would not only secure your WordPress account from hackers, but would ensure there are not too many vulnerabilities left for hackers to exploit. Also, taking note of nulled plugins and insanely cheap hosting services as the chief cause of WordPress hacks in 2020 would do you many good in your journey to run a 100% secured site.  

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