What Does 3M Paint Protection Film Have on the Competition?

Installing a protective film on the car body to protect the paint on the car.

The 3M Company is an American multinational company that’s well known in the fields of a variety of plastic-based protective products and a variety of adhesives, abrasive and laminate materials. Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the 3M label is so prominent on so many goods around the world that the average person believes 3M is a product name, and not the name of the actual Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing brand. For many years now, they have led the global charge in the development of strong, light protective plastics that have been used in all manner of applications, from protecting aircraft in war zones to adding protective layers on everyday automobiles.

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 Because the 3M company deals in things like protective plastics, they face an awful lot of market competition. If you wanted to get a protective film for your automobile, for instance, there are a lot of other options on the open marketplace besides the 3M paint protection film. You have dozens of other companies offering very similar products. So, why would you choose 3M over the competition? After all, many of those similar products are probably just as good and only cheaper, right? Well, this isn’t actually the case with these sorts of products. Here are a few reasons why 3M just has a lot going for it compared to its competition.

Reasons 3M Paint Protection Edges Out the Competition

It Has a Long Track Record of Excellence

 One of the coolest things that you will learn about the 3M brand is that they have a very long history of some really excellent products. They were tasked many decades ago to assist with helicopters in war zones whose blades were getting worn out through a variety of debris, and the costs and time associated with fixing these blades was putting the lives of soldiers in immediate danger overseas. 3M stepped up to the plate and created a protective film that could be placed over the helicopter blades that would keep the debris from damaging the metal without weighing the blades down or throwing off the accuracy and symmetry needed to operate.

 If you stop to think about that for a minute, you realize just how amazing such an innovation is. A film that’s light enough to go over a chopper rotor blade without affecting its performance, yet strong enough to keep debris from damaging the blade. It’s no question that technology this incredibly strong will be a huge win for your car in the form of a 3M paint protection film.

It Is Very Quality Controlled

 Another very strong point when dealing with 3M you should realize is that they’re an American company. Companies that operate in the USA, Canada, western European nations, and other first-world western nations have quality controls that are just ridiculously stringent compared to other parts of the world. This isn’t to say that you wouldn’t find a good quality PPF that was made in China, South Korea or Japan. However, these nations do not have the same sorts of quality controls put in place as western nations.

 The point here is that it’s just far more likely that you’re getting something of impeccable quality when you get a product that was manufactured in the west. These products were manufactured by professional employees who earn a good living and have safe working conditions, and they’re using only the best in quality products and methods to build their PPF products. The same simply cannot be said for a lot of other nations out there.

The Best Minds in the World Work for 3M

 When it comes to the scientists, engineers and professionals that work in these large conglomerates of the west, what you’re going to find is a whole lot of multinational diversity. The best and brightest minds from every nation on the planet tend to flock to the west for a better life. This means that they’re lending their talents to a company like 3M, helping them to create the absolute best products on the market. In all honesty, it’s not even close when you’re dealing with a PPF product. Sure, a lot of other companies make them, but the quality simply pales in comparison to what 3M is able to accomplish on a consistent basis.

 From military contractors to shoe manufacturers and automobile companies, nearly everyone involved in the global industry chooses 3M hands down when it comes to PPF and other protective and plastic products. They’re just very far ahead of the game.

A Quality Guarantee

 Many different companies will sell you a product, but not many will stand behind their quality. Not that they’re necessarily trying to rip you off or anything. It’s more to do with the fact that they’re not large or successful enough to really stand behind what they do as a brand. It’s the same reason the local food truck will be hesitant to give you a refund or a new meal, but McDonald’s can easily afford to do it. And like it or not, this is a huge benefit of a corporation like 3M. Many of us may opine for the days of the small mom ‘n pop locations, but when it comes to quality protective films, 3M is able to stand fully behind their products, which extends to the dealers selling their products.

 The basic gist is this: If you get a 3M product that’s defective, you’re going to be able to get it replaced for you, rather than just having to eat the expense while being angry about what happened. Only large, successful companies like 3M can offer this sort of thing to consumers.

 The list here can keep on going and going when it comes to the many ways that 3M stands head and shoulders above the competition. As we said, there are different providers out there selling PPF, but 3M is basically the industry standard in hundreds of different global industries. When it comes to paint protective films, 3M just does it better than the competition.

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