7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Importance of Keyword Search Volume

Keyword Search Volume refers to the number of searches on a search engine within a given time frame. Although the period may vary from tool to tool, the value is almost always studied monthly.

The statistic is one of the most vital and commonly used building blocks when it comes to SEO. Believe it or not, but people are coming up with websites and businesses based solely on the popularity of keyword searches on Google!

With keyword search volume being so much in vogue these days for online businesses, we bet you’ve wanted to try your hand at it too. However, it is always better to plunge deeper into facts and stats first. Let’s look at seven things you perhaps do not know about Keyword Search Volume yet.

It can bring your many article pages up in search results

If you own or run a business venture, the thought of starting an online blog is inevitable. After all, what better place to market your idea than the one which hosts one-third of the world population?

However, with a myriad of sites already posting online content, it is difficult to write anything that is ‘completely’ unique. This substantiates whenever you type in a few words into the search bar and hit enter. The number of results seems never-ending.

Now, to be able to be at the top of the game, you cannot ignore the relevance of SEO. This means more and more of your articles must take care of ‘keywords’ related to your business either directly or indirectly. The idea is to play the SEO game strong to ensure one of the top spots in the search results, no matter how long the page is.

Keyword Search Volume is a real ‘Key to Success.’

To put it simply, it will help you gain an idea of the most ‘potentially successful’ keywords out of the many possible ones for your genre. All you have to do next is to ensure these keywords find a befitting mention in your articles. Continuous scrutiny and regular research can help you embellish your blogs with the most searched phrases and words with ease.

The result is a greater visibility, better rankings, and more site visits.

You can get accurate Keyword Search Volume data with a few clicks

Yes, you do not have to do spend hours manually trying to do this. A good tool like Whats My SERP can help you understand and analyze the impact of keyword search data. The idea is to be able to paint your future marketing campaigns with a smart strategy. And the strategy is born from data, isn’t it? 

The advantage with tools such as the WMS Serp Checker is that it does all the work for you. For someone who has a geographically restricted target audience, such a keyword search tool can help in local tracking as well. This way, you can leverage the benefit of unlimited, on-demand checks for keyword search volume with a few clicks. 

You need to know which Keyword Searches to ‘Search’ for

The actual translation of data retrieved from tools like WhatsMySERP comes in the form of Search Engine Optimized Writing. A platform like WordPress would help you attain all necessary targets and guidelines as far as incorporating the keywords is concerned. 

Using a combination of regular tracking with the SERP API and an efficient blogging tool, one can compose articles that are tailored for the internet surfer of today.

The understanding of the most appropriate keyword targets for you also comes in handy. A few questions you can ask before proceeding to compose an article would be:

  1. Is the keyword doing well in terms of volume for your niche?
  2. Is there any connection between the keyword and online purchase?
  3. Are there too many websites writing about this keyword?

Factors such as this and many more can guide your overall strategy towards online marketing through blogs. The profitability associated with the keyword does not need to be stressed more on. After all, your business would intend to write and promote a niche that you see developing into a prospective source of monetary benefits for you, isn’t it?

Only knowing the Search Volume is not going to win you top spots

Merely writing and updating content around keywords that you have decided on is not enough. Remember that the field of digital marketing has turned into a fierce battleground. To make sure you are constantly rising, even in the repetitive high tides of more online content, you need to keep track of your work.

Using the SERP Checker by WMS can help you gauge your entire ranking history in terms of search engine results. It is always better to opt for a comprehensive platform like WMS SERP API so that you can access all relevant data in one place. 

A successful online presence cannot be built around currently trending ‘keywords’ alone. What is trending today might not be on the charts at all by tomorrow. Therefore, the best strategy would be to market your ideas and niche rather than run after keywords. Try to use keywords in the content as an added advantage you can embellish your idea with and not the other way round.

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