Stop Mail Delivery Until You come back from Vacations

If you are going on vacations or for a business trip, then you can stop your mail delivery by informing the mail carrier about it.

The national mail carrier, USPS is providing the facility to stop or hold mail to those customers who don’t want their mail or package to be delivered for a limited period.

Let’s suppose you are a customer of USPS and usually it delivers you all your mail & packages. If you have a plan to go out of town for any reason for few days, then you have the option to put your mail on hold so that the mail carrier couldn’t deliver the mail to your address.

Now, it comes to the process that how you or a customer can put the mail on hold.

For this, there are numerous options, and it’s up to you that which option you choose. Let’s talk about each option one by one.

The very first choice is the online option. You don’t need to do so many things for this. Firstly, visit the official site of USPS and click on the Hold Mail option under Track & Manage category. After that, you will see a form. You need to fill the required information in the blank fields. It’s to check whether the hold mail service is available for your address or not. So, enter your name, phone number, full address, email, etc.

After filling all the required information click on the Check Availability button. Now, If you see “Sorry, online hold mail request aren’t available for this address” then don’t worry you can still request for holding your mail by visiting the post office and if you see “Available” then select the time period and the way to collect all the accumulated mail. You can also add a note with the request. After doing this just click on the Submit button. That’s it.

It was the most used option, but there are also some more options. You can visit the local post office in Houston Texas. Check the USPS Near me and USPS holidays list firstly before visiting there. Ask for the PS form 8076 at the post office. All the required information is just like the same given above. Fill the form and hand over to the clerk. USPS will process your request and won’t deliver you any mail or package till the date you mentioned.

You can call the USPS customer service representative also if you don’t want to visit the local post office. Call at 1-800-275-8777 and tell them your requirements and what you want them to do. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

These are the options through which any customer could submit the USPS mail hold request. So, enjoy your holidays on calendar without worrying about your mail and packages. The mail carrier will only start delivering mail to you when you will come back from the holidays.

The cool thing is that you can also choose the method to receive all the held mail after the end mail. You can pick them yourself from the post office, or the mail carrier will deliver them to you.

Now, you can easily stop the mail delivery using any of the options given here so give it a try yourself.

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