Why are Ceramic Coatings Applied as Protective Films?

Car detailing - the man holds the microfiber in hand and polishes the car. Hand wipe down paint surface of shiny black crossover after polishing and ceramic coating.

Soon after the automobile burst onto the scene, people started to put as much effort into their appearance as their performance. Clean, bright and vivid automobiles have been on the world’s roadways for quite a long time. This has led to quite a few great innovations for the aesthetics of automobiles, such as a variety of strong, durable paints, and more recently ceramic coatings that provide the ultimate in protection and convenience for any vehicle treated with the process.

 A ceramic coating is like a paint protection film that offers far more benefits that one might initially imagine. The best businesses around have trained professionals who apply a seamless, smooth coat of ceramic onto vehicles that are guaranteed by a warranty to last and improve many different aspects of the automobile. Here are 5 of the best reasons that ceramic coatings are used as protective films over a car’s paint job.

H2: 5 Reasons Ceramic Coatings Are Applied for Paint Protection

1: It Lasts Longer

 For starters, the ceramic coating lasts longer than the paint, while helping the paint last longer as well. There are a lot of coating types people can select for their automobiles. Historically, one of the most popular options was a layer of durable wax. Though no matter how durable the wax could be, it was still susceptible to the elements, dirt and debris, and any sort of washing. Waxing would be required regularly to keep the look going, whereas ceramic is incredibly durable and its material can withstand the elements, washing and dirt and debris.

2: It Resists Better

 Speaking of dirt and debris, as a paint protection film, the typical gunk that settles onto cars just bounces off of the ceramic coating. Dirt doesn’t stick to it in the first place. Things like bird droppings never settle in long enough to dry up and crust over. This means that the car can be much more easily washed off and maintained. Having almost a repellent-like quality, ceramic coatings help by providing a layer of resistance that you can almost view like a force field against the elements.

3: It Protects the Paint

 Paint is thoroughly protected with a ceramic coating. Think about how rust and peeling paint starts. It could be something minor, like a tiny speck of gravel flying up and knocking loose a very small piece of paint, exposing the body of the vehicle to the elements. As rust settles in and the metal corrodes, the damage gets worse, the paint starts crumbling and fading, spreading out from the spot of the initial damage, and the paint is ruined along with very damaged parts of the car. This doesn’t happen with a ceramic coating. The coating protects the paint from this sort of damage.

4: Easy Cleaning and No Waxing

 For people who love their cars to look great, like they’ve always been freshly washed, they used to always turn to wax. Though as already stated, waxing is a very short-term solution. Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, give your car an appearance as if it has a fresh wax, without the hassle of going through that laborious process. Plus, it also makes the car very easy to clean. No need for scalding hot water and harsh detergent soaps. Like a nonstick pan that’s brand new, it can be gently wiped off for an ideal clean finish.

5: New Look Aesthetics

 What’s the primary reason that anyone gets their automobile painted? They want that new look aesthetic. If not, just washing up the factory paint would suffice. But a lot of people want to put more into their cars, their own personal touches and want their cars to look great. A ceramic coating will give any automobile a brand new shine that cannot be replicated even with paint. Ceramic is much more brilliant and vivid than any type of paint that can be found on the market, even pearlescent options.

 These are just a few of the many reasons that people are choosing ceramic coatings to provide a protective film for the automobiles they love. Just remember that it’s also important to choose the right business to apply the coating.

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