3 Ways to Generate Best SaaS Startup Ideas

Introduction – What is SaaS and why is it crucial for businesses:

SaaS, short form for Software as a service, is a distribution model for software hosted by a third party. These softwares are provided by SaaS development services over the internet. All legitimate SaaS development services provide users with automatic updates, purchasing of the service on a subscription basis and no space to be consumed by installing unnecessary hardwares. Due to this, today, many people are not confined to buy the software from an overpriced retail store and run it manually on their PC.

SaaS is a boon to the IT world. Moreover, it has become a potential industry and is booming with the help of growing customers. Launching a SaaS product requires investment, time and effort; however, these requirements never go to waste. It is expected that the revenue from SaaS will boost from $73.6 billion in 2018 to $101.9 billion by 2020. Nevertheless, there is still a huge competitive market and a higher possibility to make mistakes. Leave your worries aside, because this article will comprehend on how you can turn your SaaS development service into a successful post-launch.

1-    Know it all

 Starting a business can be draining, especially if it’s IT related and requires study about complicated factors. However, if you are aware of all the tips and tricks to launch a successful SaaS product, nothing can stop you from becoming one of the most reliable services online. To do so, you need to know everything about SaaS development services and the tips mentioned below:

  • Creating an idea

Before knowing about anything, it is crucial to make sure your idea in your head is clearly out there. You need to know all your requirements and learn coding if required. Take assistance from experts in this field and create something everyone can rely on. It’s always better to have a broad range of target audience.

  • Testing

Testing a product post launch always favors your business. You can easily eliminate any error or confounding elements. It’s always better to let your colleagues, friends and some experts have a look at your work. Let them give you clear analyses of how they find the software and then let you proceed and make adjustments.

  • Multitasking

Before you’ll realize it, you will be multitasking for your product to become a hit. From product development to customer support, you’ll be handling it all. However, if you already have knowledge about everything, including the experience of a proficient person, this task will become more convenient.

2-    Developing Your Software

At this stage, you must be well aware of all the technicalities you will encounter. So, always make sure you are fully prepared for the ultimate and the tricky task of developing your product. It may be a little tricky to learn all of the knowledge all at once, but never give up!

  • Coding

Learn coding or hire a developer who will do this task for you. The best option is to learn it for any future technical difficulties. This will save your cost of hiring a developer. It’s always better to code even after testing.

  • Multi-tenancy

To isolate the data of two different subscribers of the same server, multi-tenant shared databases are required by SaaS.

  • Upgrading

SaaS solutions should be timely updated to prevent breaching of security and version incompatibility. Updating should not be a hindrance in the ongoing tasks of the user.

  • Security

With cybercrime being the top concern of all IT systems, it has also found its way into SaaS systems as well. Security and privacy should be the top priorities of a SaaS development company. Each user must possess a separate data storage provided by the company.

3-    Marketing

It is obvious that there are brilliant existing tools available in the market today, but, is it possible to make your product stand out from the remaining? Yes!

  • Market Place

There are various platforms to sell your product. For example: MongoDB, Heroku, Google cloud etc. If one product doesn’t sell well on either of the platforms, there is always a new place to begin with. If one platform is missing a software, you can always try launching a successful SaaS via other platforms. Take services on AWS that aren’t already launched in the market place to bridge the gap between developers. Know about the best developer companies to achieve perfection.

A few best developers for SaaS are:

  • Google
  • Adobe
  • Slack
  • MailChimp
  • Shopify
  • Hubspot
  • Customers

The best place to get started is by knowing your target audience. These are the people who are most likely to use your product. These could be; teachers, students, employees etc. It is important that you advertise your tool most to the people who need it the most. Adding and advertising interesting and unique features may help you get more customers.

  • Heroku

This platform is one of the best ways to launch your software/product. With their beta program, it is easier to validate your idea. By setting up a simple integration, you can make people test if your product is working fine. Later, you can collect the constructive criticism and re-do your tools if required. The nature of Heroku’s product is to attract a person who pays for convenience. A lot of businesses make a large income through Heroku alone. It is one of the most profitable platforms and can guarantee you a boost in this field.


Most people keep SaaS development as a side option and build their entire careers over this without even knowing. It’s always better to have a backup business with you and specially a kind that requires less investment. If you are interested to learn coding, this field is the best for you to earn your revenue.

SaaS development today is a rising platform for young and smart endeavors. So go on, grab the chance and who knows, one day you’ll be one of the best developers found for SaaS. 

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