Make Sure An Offer Letter Is Enough For Your Employees To-Be!

Offer letter

Offer letters are meant to extend a proposal to the shortlisted candidates with applicable terms and conditions of employment. The concerned professionals can accept or reject the offer as per their suitability. The fact is, it is not only this much. So, what does it mean when we say an offer letter should suffice for prospective employees? It means making a mark with the very first document that you issue to your workforce. How?

By planning what content an offer letter format must include, how it should look, what message it is going to send and what impression it will make? It must reflect the essence of the work culture and environment. Besides, the details about the job save the time and energy of both the employer and the employee to keep revising the same information again & again.

Let us see how to make an offer letter all-inclusive and ‘just enough’ for the employees to-be so that things get easier for them in the stages to come:

Talk About Relevant Job Particulars

The first and the most important part of an offer letter that a candidate wants to see is the one which reveals information including position offered, CTC, work timings and location, benefits and compensation among others. Basically, the things that intrigue an employee are the ones relevant to their interests and are advantageous to them. These details are enough to make it easy for the offer letter recipient to decide on the job offer.

Include Job Description And KRAs

After sharing the bigger yet superficial facts about the job and the organization, it is time to go in-depth and give direct information. Walking further, the key roles and responsibilities (KRAs) of an employee are to be emphasized. You have to keep in mind that you do not deviate from the job description while posting an ad about the vacancy. The KRAs and also the KPIs can be delineated in the offer letter format in such a way that there is no scope of confusion after the candidate becomes an employee.

Add “About The Company” Section

It is odd to invite a candidate to your organization without giving them a brief about the organization, its history, initial stages of development, growth over the years, achievements, the motto, and ultimate goal. After you have made the first and second sections clear, this kind of information will build more interest in working with the company. And now, the new employee has sufficient data in his mind about your firm to say a yes or a no.

Mention The Policies And Procedures

Sometimes, applicants are oblivious of the norms and guidelines of a company and they jump right at the opportunity of having received the offer. Without knowing the complete story, if someone accepts the offer letter, it gets difficult for both parties to adjust later. Accounting to this fact, it is imperative for employers to clearly mention the rules & regulations/ policies and procedures/ norms and guidelines that the employees follow as part of the organization so that they know what they are signing up for. This detail can facilitate decision-making for them.

Show Gratitude, Make Them Feel Valued

This part is completely optional but it definitely adds to the quality of the offer letter and increases the chances of offer acceptance. So, always tell them how much you would love to have them on board! Show them you value their presence and how excited you are to work with them. A few words of appreciation, gratitude, and eagerness here and there are more than enough to form a positive perception of you and your company in the eyes of an employee to-be.

The last point comes with a limitation/ warning. Having mentioned all the previous points, we would also like to maintain that offer letters are not a confirmation of job placements. They are just proposals for the job. So, before you download that appointment letter format and send it, ensure that you do not overcommit in the offer letter in the first place. These kind words can take you a long way but just be honest that this is not a guaranteed placement!

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