List of 7 Super Creative Fancy Dress for Boy Kid in India

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Fancy dress will be one of the most interesting things for the kids, they will like to dress up and resemble their favorite cartoon, animal, lord, etc. Also, the parents of the kids will love that their kids fancy dress and it will be the best and memorable time for both kids and parents. Here are some ideas for your kid’s fancy dress.

● Lord Ram

Lord Ram is one of the favorite gods of the kids and they will definitely love to dress up like Ram. This is a very easy doable costume. The requirements for this costume are yellow dhoti, white tika (to smear on the forehead), bow (Dhanush), and a wig. Dhanush and wig can be arranged from the local fancy stores or order online.

● Mangal Pandey

This is the best costume and your kids will become inspired after wearing this costume. This is an easy DIY costume. The requirements are hair wig (up to the shoulder length), a big mustache, and a dhoti. If your child’s hair is long, then tie it and bring it up to the shoulder length. If your child’s hair is short then go for the wig. A wig can be arranged from the local fancy stores.

● Traffic Signal

This is another costume that will be loved most by the kids and preparing this costume is very easy. The requirements for this costume are chart papers, color sketch, and full sleeve black pants & shirts. Color the chart paper as black and cut the chart paper into a long rectangle that will fit your child vertically. Cut three big circles and color it as red, yellow, and green. Then paste them on the long rectangle and paste the long rectangle (vertically) on your child’s full sleeve black shirt.

● Spiderman

Spiderman is the fictional cartoon character which will be the favorite for every kid. This one of the best costumes that will make the kids very happy. This is not a DIY but this spiderman costume is very easy to buy because it is very popular. You can get this costume from any online store.

● Construction Worker

You little kid will be looking good on this costume, this is one of the best dress up on all the time. If you are looking for a unique way to dress up your kid then go for the construction worker costume. Even though this is not a DIY costume, it is easy to get from the fancy stores at your place or from any e-commerce site.

● Turtle

Again this is one of the lovable costumes by the kids and your munchkin will be looking cute and amazing in this costume. This costume can be hired from the local fancy store or can be bought from any online store.

● Subash Chandra Bose

This is not the costume that can easily do at home and it can be bought from any local fancy stores or online stores. Visit for more interesting topics.

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