The Best Krakow Old Town Tours

Krakow has been surprising with its beauty for many years. Undoubtedly, the former Polish capital is very often visited for many tourists. It is a great place to come regardless of the season, because it always captivates with its picturesque streets, as well as numerous monuments. So what is worth visiting in Krakow?

Attractive Krakow for everyone

More and more people are choosing guided tours in Krakow. It is a very popular form of spending free time, especially being in a foreign city as well as in another country. If you even decide on one-day trips, it is worth choosing such a city guide, because it is thanks to which you can visit many interesting places as well as learn about the history of the city in a very short time.

One of the most popular cities in Poland is certainly Krakow. Every year, many tourists come to this city. They are people not only from Poland, but also from around the world. When deciding to visit this city, you should remember that it is very important to visit many of the most important monuments, which, however are often a bit distant from each other. That is why many people, being for the first time in Krakow, miss many interesting places.

A perfect solution in this situation is certainly the Krakow city tour. Thanks to such a trip that you can visit the most important monuments in a very short time. Usually such guided tours start from the main square in Krakow. In this place the guide tells us about the most important monuments located on the main square. It is, among others, St. Mary’s Church, as well as popular cloth hall. You should also not forget that there is also an underground entrance and a small town hall tower. Kraków old town is very popular among many tourists. When you decide to go on a guided walking tour, you go through the old city to Wawel. It is a hill located on the Vistula River, where once the seat of kings in the castle was located.

In the Wawel Castle there are many chambers, that are available to tourists. You can also visit the cathedral and its underground, where the most important Polish rulers are buried. Being in the cathedral you can also go to the top, where the very popular Sigismund Bell is located. Certainly every guide will tell us that this bell is ringing only when important events are happening in the country or there is an important anniversary. In other cases the bell is silent. There is also a museum at Wawel, where you can admire the greatest works you can find in Poland. A very popular painting that is worth seeing is certainly a lady with a weasel.

Such trips are a very good solution to quickly learn about the history of Krakow and visit many of its monuments. You can go hiking. However, more and more offices also offer their tourists electric travel. Thanks to this you will visit many interesting places in Krakow even faster. Guided tours are also a great solution when you are with children.

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