Why can the Extruded Aluminum be In Sight So Often?

Its advantages account for many applications

Aluminium extrusions are almost everywhere in our life. You can see it or the item manufactured by it right at your home, such as the awning window and the sliding door.

So what is it?

Extrusion refers to a process of shaping materials. For example, to force the aluminium to be pushed through a die of a specific shape. Then extruded materials come out as simple or complex cross-sections.

It embraces many inherent advantages including light weight, corrosion resistance, easy installation, strong plasticity and so on. Thus, it can naturally be applied to many fields. And they are mostly adopted in industry and construction.

In construction, it’s a superior material for a wide range of windows and doors like the casement window, sliding door and so forth. Because it’s corrosion-resistant, good looking, and anti-noise with good reflectivity for light and heat.

Here is a further introduction for its usage in bus shelters.

In recent years, more and more extruded aluminum are used in bus shelters for their corrosion resistance and ease of installation.

  • The aluminum profile bus shelter has strong corrosion resistance and can be widely used in places with high salinity such as coastal areas. The traditional galvanized sheet bus shelters, due to the limitations of the material, even if the surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint which is anti-corrosion, it will inevitably appear rust after long-term use. Since the fact that aluminum profile bus shelter has strong corrosion resistance, it also has an extended life. Galuminium’s extruded aluminum adopts the anodized technology, contributing to its property of being anti-rust.
  • It has good casting performance, strong plasticity and excellent productivity. Therefore, it can be opened according to requirements, and various types of aluminum profile bus shelters can be constructed. Moreover, the aluminum profile has good surface treatment performance and appealing appearance.
  • The bus shelter which is made of the aluminum profile is light in weight and easy to install. It provides great convenience for the installation of the bus shelters in the later period. Finally, the aluminum profiles are chemically stable and can be recycled. Even if the aluminum profile bus shelter is used for many years, it can be recycled and save resources. Aluminum profiles are used in bus shelters in many cities.

With these shining points, extruded aluminum are popular in Construction. Those of Galuminium are no exception, they have their places in architectures such as houses, villas, hotels, schools and so on.

In industry, the aluminium extrusion is welcomed as well. Things like aluminum profile conveyor belt, automated mechanical equipment, assembly line workbench, pneumatic cylinder, heat transfer equipment, construction industry, curtain track, structure support, irrigation pipes, radiator and furniture,etc. cannot be without aluminium extrusions.

And the aluminium extrusion is particularly welcomed by radiators. Galuminium has been striving to manufacture the aluminium extrusion which is ideal for radiators for the reasons to be mentioned below.

  • Aluminum alloy materials are lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Easy to install and maintain. Due to the low density of aluminum alloy and the ability to process parts of various shapes and specifications, the aluminum profile radiator has a large and regular cross-section, so the product assembly and surface treatment can be installed in one step. In the construction site, it can be directly installed, saving a lot of cost for the installation and maintenance.
  •  The aluminum profile heat sink is corrosion resistant and has a long service life. The surface of the aluminum alloy material can form a thick solid oxide film, which can be used in the heating water with pH ≤9 or in the automotive water tank for a long time. The special surface treated aluminum radiator; for instance,Galuminium’s aluminium extrusion with anodized surface, can be used in various materials with pH≤12 for a long term.
  • Be safe to use and able to resist high pressure. Because the aluminum alloy are much tougher than copper, steel, etc. It can bear certain pressure and other forces even when it’s thin; what’s more, there is no damage during handling, installation and use.

That’s why the aluminium extrusion has appeared in so many places. Now have you learned more about the aluminium extrusion?  Actually it has much magic to be explored. To find out more, feel free to visit http://www.gdgal.com/

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