5 Recommended ICO Platforms at ICObuffer

ICObuffer is a website which connects between platform developers and coin buyers or investors. The best part of this website is that you are able to see the list of trusted platforms along with its detail. Later, you can decide which one of the best platform so you can buy their coins for investment. The list below is the example of recommended ICO platforms.


Bidipass is offering digital identity authentication platform. The platform uses a smartphone to identify and authenticate people. Each person will have their personal security token. The developer is trying to develop an easy to use, safe, and inexpensive platform for daily usages. The project has been developed since 2015 and even wider until today. The users of this platform have to use specific coin known as BidiCoin or BDP. There are 8.000 BDP sold for soft cap and the hard cap. They also give an opportunity for the buyers to get the bonus from 5% up to 25%. For those who are interested to invest in this sector, just check the detail including the sale date and the amount of coin left before its too late.


Cryptocurrency investment has a bright prospect in the future. The problem is that most investors don’t know what to do. Tradelize is a platform designed to accommodate cryptocurrency markets and investors. The platform helps to do the process easier through various tools. The main purpose is, of course, to guide investors to invest in cryptocurrency in the most secure way along with significant benefits. The platform was developed in 2017 and still ongoing until today. Moreover, the platform is using TDZ coin. The price is $1 per coin and they share up to $30.000.000 on the hard cap. This platform also gives the buyers to get a bonus from 5% up to 30%. The complete information about the platform is presented on ICObuffer.


Do you have a dream to develop something in agriculture sector? Pavo might be a good platform for investment. Pavo is trying to bring new digital ecosystem to the agriculture sector. By using this platform, people are able to make a faster business decision because they have real data. People who are involved in the agriculture sector are able to use digital payment and cryptocurrency to support their business activities. Pavo is preparing up to $66.000.000 PAVO coins on a soft and hard cap to anyone who wants to join the investment. The platform was developed in 2017 and growth significantly until today. There is no information about bonus is given yet but it seems that this platform has a great prospect in the future.

Taklimakan Network

People who are involved in investment sector need to be supported by the specific platform. Taklimakan Network is trying to meet the needs of cryptocurrency investors and traders to get better investment atmosphere. The platform is supported by great features and tools whether for a beginner or expert investors and traders. They are offering TKLN coins through ICObuffer. The price is $0.05 per coin and it has been shared around $32.500.000 for ICO program. Interestingly, they offer 30% bonus for the buyers.

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