A trip to the offbeat Morni Hills

It’s been a few months since I last went on a holiday with anyone. Hence, a phone call from an old college friend got me quite excited! She asked if I could free my schedule for a 4-day trip to Morni Hills with her cousins.

And of course, there is never saying no to your close ones. She also mentioned that her uncle took the responsibility of booking our hotel and is willing to help us avail convenient taxi service in Panchkula. All that we needed to do now was to pack our bags.

Vacations Ahoy!

The Morni Hill station is on the outskirts of Panchkula, Haryana and is quite pleasant throughout the year. I was just fired up to experience the comfort and thrill of hill-side winters. Let’s face it, the aesthetics of visiting hilly areas when it’s chilly does give you goosebumps.

We traveled from Delhi via train which took us about 3 hours to reach Panchkula. Although her cousin brother was feeling low due to his phone discharging (meaning no games of course), we cheered him up with some fun yet competitive rounds of Cards Against Humanity. And some answers, well, best never out in public.

Upon reaching our hotel, we planned to get some rest because the next few days were all about adventures and sightseeing!

Day 1: Adventure Park!

After helping my friend book a licensed cab from Chandigarh to Morni Hills, I looked through the Adventure Park catalogue. The entire area was about fun and thrilling activities. This isn’t some ride and plays theme park, mind you. Prepare yourself for rope climbing, obstacles and everything our childhood selves yearned for at the local playground.

Hence there we were, 4 adults arguing at the park’s ‘toadstool’ reception, about which challenge to take on first.

My friend’s elder sister and I wasted no time and marched towards the Burma Bridge. And boy it was an experience indeed. Let’s just say, on that day I learned that the fear of height had a name, Vertigo.

But of course, it felt much better to see my friend and her cousin brother trying to climb the Spider’s Web while looking like baby monkeys than spiders. All in all, a hilarious yet, adorable sight to behold.

After wandering through the lush-green surroundings with beautiful hibiscus, daisies and rain lilies, it was time for us to head back and get some rest.

Day 2: The Golden Bastions or Morni Fort

Now, our previous day made us feel sore but half a day of rest was enough for the next spot.

Our trip to the Morni Fort, we made a stop for some light snacks to keep our tummies full. And upon reaching, the view was more of a dream than an experience. Existing since the 17th Century, the Morni Fort on top of the hills was a sight to behold. Even though there are signs of the recent restoration, the aura of the ancient times remains intact.

I remember the beautiful 3-d models of forest animals within the tourist spots spoke well on the environmental issues which are stripping away our wildlife.

But all in all, the peaceful ambiance that the surrounding plants and flowers provide, made us feel like we were resting on the laps of mother nature.

Day 3: Thakurdwara Temple

It’s been two days and while I was enjoying myself at the fullest, there was this nostalgic pang of missing the days where I went on vacation with my parents. When my friend got to know, she immediately changed our plans to stay in and booked a taxi for the Thakurdwara Temple.

Upon reaching there, I could see the multitude of devotees gathering at the foggy temple on the hills.

There was something so mystifying and alluring about the stone sculptures and the temple and how they are present there ever since the Pandavas.

The experience was so calming that I made sure to let my parents know later, and have them make this visit as well.

The Morni Hills helped me ease my overworked brain in 4 days and I could return to my office-life with a more composed mindset. But to this day, it feels as if I’ve left my heart on the hilltop.

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