Content Producer Ashley Bruzas spends summer in Greece in partnership with Myconian Collection

As a leading digital writer and content producer, Ashley Bruzas takes her social media game to a whole new level. Working with many of the world’s most recognizable brands, Bruzas sees content production as an art form, and seriously hard work. Every day, she has to spend time familiarizing herself with industry trends, understanding the needs of clients, and coming up with creative ways to bring ideas to life. By understanding the needs and wants of different brands/companies, it helps her pitch ideas, work on creative strategy and leverage her skills in order to apply them to the projects she is working on.

“Social media doesn’t strictly involve posting images or video content, but also incorporates many elements of content writing, planning and executing,” she says. “If we can imagine that the idea is first pitched on paper and then is executed in a material way, then we can begin to think of how social media content production and digital writing work synonymously together.” Networking is a major component, as spending time reaching out and engaging with brands and contacts as a way to get new opportunities is half the battle. Ashley began this journey in a freelance/consultant position, which allowed her to build a diverse portfolio that led to her position for in-house brands and eventually a digital agency.

At only 26, Bruzas has already had a formidable career that many can aspire to. She has launched her own successful blog, and worked with well-known brands like Nike, Peace Collective, and many more. When she began working with such prominent companies, she realized how important it was to diversify and continue to push herself. Now, she is always striving for greatness and working on multiple projects at a time.

Bruzas has travelled her home country of Canada and the world doing what she loves, and this past summer she had the opportunity to go to Greece in partnership with Myconian Collection Hotels for content production. Myconian Collection is a world renowned collection of resorts/hotels in Greece and Bruzas describes it as an incredible opportunity to travel to the Mediterranean and share her experience through content production and diffusion.

“Traveling to Mykonos and experiencing the culture, food, lifestyle and people of the Greek islands was an unforgettable experience. Being able to document my trip through photography, video and social sharing is something I will be able to reflect on and cherish for the rest of my life,” she adds. “Working with a partner like Myconian Collection was an unforgettable experience and it really gave me a lot of inspiration in regards to growth, reflection and wanting to produce my best work. Being able to receive feedback from other creatives in the industry, seeing the reaction from the online community and forming new relationships with these partners is what makes me want to continue in this line of work. It’s not just a job, but a lifestyle,” she said.

There were two key aspects of the project that Bruzas was responsible for. As a content producer, creating high quality content to share across her social platforms was of course vital, but also providing Myconian Collection with the materials to utilize for their own marketing efforts is what truly excited her. She was able to share the content to her worldwide network of travel bloggers and consumers. While creating content and describing her experience during her stay in Mykonos was exciting for both Bruzas and Myconian Collection Hotels, it was ultimately the number of people who this project reached that really speaks to the success of the project. The ability to introduce new people/consumers to their brand and showcase the experience through first-hand experience is an organic and valuable way to share content that steers away from traditional forms of advertising. 

“It feels incredible that this project was such a success and I cannot wait to visit Mykonos again in the future. When you finish a project feeling fulfilled and passionate, it reminds you how important it is to strive to work on collaborations with brands that you align with and that really bring out the drive in you to work hard and create outstanding content,” said Bruzas.

Bruzas has an exciting year ahead. She will continue working in an agency setting, and she plans on developing her own team internally to grow alongside other like-minded creatives. 

“If we can begin to think about all of the exciting changes that are coming to the digital marketing world, we can imagine that there are many exciting opportunities ahead,” she mentions. “It has never been a more exciting time to be working with direct-to-consumer brands, as new companies are popping up every single day. There is never a day that goes by where there isn’t something to do or a new project knocking at your door. Working with existing clients and helping them adapt to the ever-changing times and helping them grow is also exciting,” she concluded.

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