How to Recover the Lost and Damaged Data for the System Crash

When your hard drive is damaged, it is almost impossible for you to take or save the data in it. The common thing to do for this problem is by trying to repair the hard drive so that you can access all the data inside. Although this is true, actually, there is still one more effort you can do to save the data. How is it? It is by using iSkysoft data recovery software.

If the hard drive is not completely damaged, the computer is actually still able to recognize it. Sure, there is commonly a further problem in which the data are lost or deleted. You should not worry since the loss is only due to the computer system that cannot recognize them due to the damage. With iSkysoft data recovery, you can recover data from computer and any storage device that are lost or damaged due to the crash. Follow the steps below.

Connect the Hard Drive to the Computer

For the internal hard drive, you can just insert it to your computer as usual. Meanwhile, for the external one, connect or plug the data cable into the computer. Make sure that they are placed well in your computer so that in the normal condition, the software can be detected.

Additionally, iSkysoft data recovery software must have been installed well on your computer. If you don’t have it, you need to download the iSkysoft toolbox at first from its official website. After you have installed it, launch the software and it is ready to use.

Choose the Partition Recovery Mode

There are some options on the window of the data recovery software once you have launched it. They are Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery, and Resume Recovery. For the problem of the computer or the hard drive crash, choose the Partition Recovery mode. In general, this mode is functioned to recover the lost or damaged data not because of the purposive deletion. It accommodates the data problems caused by the partition, virus and malware attack, corruption, and system crash.

Scan the Hard Drive

Even if the damaged hard drive cannot be detected by the conventional computer system, you can do it using iSkysoft data recovery. That’s why; there are many chances for you to recover data from computer and any storage device even if the disk itself seems lost.

After choosing the Partition Recovery mode, another window appears and there is a list of the hard drive partitions shown. The hard drive partitions are including those that are lost due to the crash. Choose and click one of them related to the data that you are looking for. Follow it by clicking Start and the data recovery software automatically scans the hard drive to look for the files.

Preview the Results

Quite different from the data lost due to the purposive deletion, the scanning process may take a longer time. But you should not worry since it still takes only some minutes. After the process has been done, you can find the list of the lost and damaged data in the crashed hard drive. To know which one of them that you are looking for, click the Preview button. It shows the content of the files, whatever the formats they are.

Save Them

You are required to make a new folder to ease the saving process. Besides, it is better if you provide more folders in another hard drive for the backup. Next, click the files to save them. How is if all the data are still considered important? Of course, you can just save them all.

To save them, click the files that you are intended and then click the Recovery button. There is a window that guides you to the hard drives to save the files. Choose the folder that you have provided before and then click save. Now, iSkysoft data recovery software has been successfully recovered your lost and damaged data due to the system crash in the computer or hard drive.


Aside from recovery the purposively deleted data, iSkysoft software is also able to recover the lost or damaged data due to the system crash. The process is quite easy only through some simple steps.

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