Five Shopper-Friendly Design Features for an Online Store

Creating an ecommerce website comes with a long list of things to accomplish before opening day. One thing to pay close attention to is the design of your website. Naturally, you want to create an online store that appeals to shoppers in a variety of ways. Consider five shopper-friendly design features that can boost the appeal of any online store.


Easy Checkout

Visitors to an online store go about their shopping in different ways. One shopper may take an hour or more to browse the inventory in an online store. Another shopper may spend just ten minutes browsing a store’s inventory before going to checkout. Either way, most shoppers appreciate an easy checkout process. For instance, shoppers should be able to change the quantity, type and color of the items in their virtual shopping cart with just a few clicks of the mouse. Shoppers are more likely to return to an online store when they enjoy an easy checkout experience.


Simple Product Descriptions

Creating a simple description for each product in your online store can increase the traffic on your site. Lots of shoppers like to scan through quick descriptions of products to decide which ones they want to learn more about. These types of descriptions allow shoppers to find exactly what they want in a short amount of time.


Easily Accessible Customer Service

The design of your online store should give shoppers several ways to contact customer service. For instance, some shoppers like to speak to a customer service representative via live chat. They can get the answers they’re looking for in order to decide on a purchase. Other customers like to contact an online store via telephone or email. Shoppers appreciate an online store that gives them plenty of options when it comes to getting help with a purchase.


A Secure Shopping Experience

When shoppers visit an online store, they must feel at ease about the security of the site. If they make a purchase, they want to know that their personal and financial information is kept safe even after they receive their order.


Customer Appreciation

Today, shoppers have a lot of options when it comes to online stores. So, you have to set your online store apart from the crowd by making sure your customers feel appreciated. Of course, you should thank customers for their purchase. A follow-up email asking customers about their satisfaction with a purchase is another way to express appreciation. Emails that advertise upcoming sales, discounts or special offers can make customers feel appreciated. When a customer feels appreciated by an online store, he or she is more likely to visit again to make another purchase.


Finally, shoppers appreciate an ever-changing selection of products and services. Many individuals enjoy visiting online stores just to see what is new since their last visit. Owners of successful online stores are continually coming up with creative ideas to boost their business.

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