How to secure your house with new technology

When moving out of your homes or offices and even your shops, you can monitor the activities within and outside of your property with latest applications. Using cell phones or tablets, you can monitor your home activities by just downloading the various home security apps available on the internet.  At the time of abnormal situation at your home, you can control the activities by using such apps on the internet. There several companies providing their own home security application to their customers. These apps help you to protect your valuables even if you are far away from your home.

With the help of new and advanced technology, it is now possible to secure your home even if you are far away from your home. Advanced technologies have made it possible to set up smart home in which you can control the door and windows, lights, vacuums, lawnmowers and everything thing using Smartphone and an app. There are many smart security systems available on the internet as doing it yourself or another system that includes professional installation and monitoring

You can go with a system that helps you to monitor yourself depending on your needs or you can pay a fee to keep your home under 24/7 hour surveillance by professionals but who will be responsible if your alarm is triggered. If you are not ready for all these systems, there are many applications available on the internet with the help of which you can monitor your home using your smartphone or laptop.

The statistics show that in the past two years, the personal security market demand is gradually enlarged, safety industry this year the civil market scale will achieve 60 billion $, associated with video monitoring the family of sales of the products and the total number of sales will account for 30% of the whole civil market scale, and the years of growth % speed will remain in the 20% above. The Chinese Academy of Sciences said the research fellow of the automation k. family security products in Europe and the United States and other developed area is more welcome (safe home security), personal monitor market and industry video monitor market, public video monitor market surveillance industry in the whole of the three pillars of form in the situation.

Benefits of home security system

  • Helps to protect your valuables
  • Prevent crime
  • Allows remote access to your home
  • Help keep eyes on kids
  • Better electricity management
  • Notifies you of fire, gas or any other problem at your home

Now with the help latest mobile apps in a home security system, you can monitor and watch live security footage even if you are far away from your home. Take a look at some of the home security mobile apps;

Here is the list of home security apps you can use;

  1. Front point mobile app –You can connect your home security system with wifi and mobile data with this app using your devices. This app is supportable for every android, apple, blackberry and window devices. The app will allow you to activate and deactivate your system without any trouble. You can view live or recorded video footage even if you are away from home. But to use this app on your device, you must have a front point system or you must be a customer of front point and you don’t need to pay the extra amount to download this app.
  2. Vivint sky – To use this app you must have vivint You can use this app to lock and unlock the door, light controlling system, watch live video of your home, remotely activate and deactivate the system. If your kids lock the door and forget the keys, you can open your door with ease by using this app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Xfinity home – This app helps you to adjust your home lights, thermostat, and door locks. You can use this app only with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android You must pay for certain services to use all functions of the app. With the help of this app, you can check your kids’ activities in your home if you have a monitoring system.
  4. Simplisafe – The app enables the parents to know their children activities. Simplisafe is also a security system company providing its own home security app to its customers. This app helps you to get alerts about the fire, flood, and carbon monoxide gas around your home and you can see who has come and gone from your home with help of monitoring system at your home.

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