Innovative Ways to Make Extra Money

Sometimes it can seem like all you ever do is work. You’re working like a dog when you should be sleeping like a log. So why is it that the pennies don’t seem to stretch to fund everything you need between now and the next pay day? Even if you are satisfied with your net income, the truth is that you can never really make too much money can you?

6 Ways to Make Extra Cash

Are you hoping to make a little extra to save for that dream family vacation, or to pay for necessary repairs around the home? Perhaps the answer is yes but you are tired of hearing suggestions for making extra money that revolve around how you should get a second job working at your local bar or coffee shop. You’re worked off your feet as it is and you wish that there was a way to make money while at home in your comfy pyjamas and slippers. Don’t fret just yet, we might be able to find you such a job…

Become an Uber or a Lyft Driver

Your family car may be your transport to work between the hours of 9-5, but when the evening arrives it can become your second business venture! Did you know that Uber and Lyft drivers can make an average of around $35 per hour? Even if you just do this for one hour per night here and there, the money earned can soon accumulate, and there certainly worst jobs out there than driving, listening to the radio and chatting with people.

Do I Need to Pass Tests or Have Training?

The good news is that provided you can provide details of your driving license, and some background information, there is no specific training needed to become a driver for sites like Uber or Lyft.

Teach English Online

Have you heard whispers through the proverbial grapevine that English Teachers can make a pretty good amount of money online and wish that you could have a slice of that action but you don’t have a teaching degree and so you’re feeling down on your luck? Fear not! The requirements may not be as strict as you think.

Becoming an Online English Teacher

If you wish to become an online English Teacher, the good news is that you may not necessarily even need a Teaching Qualification, or even a Degree! Most foreigners just want to practice speaking with a native. This means that the work on your end is minimal – you just need to be there to practice with them and enjoy the chatter.

Sell Courses Online

Through sites such as Udemy, budding entrepreneurs, marketers, writers, and people aspiring to become one of any number of different professions can purchase courses so that they can learn and develop different skills.

Ok, but what does that mean for me?

If you possess any marketable skills – such as being an expert in SEO, a whizz in social media management, or a genius in coding then you could potentially create and sell courses online. You don’t have to be the best of the best, but if you do it professionally and have a year or two’s experience then chances are, you can teach people a few things.

Isn’t it a Lot of Hard Work ?

It make take you more than just a couple of hours to prepare and produce the courses, however the good news is that money made from courses is completely passive. In other words, once you’ve created the course, your work is done, and it will continue making you money while you sleep.

Pick Up Freelance Work

There is plenty of demand for freelance workers online. Just a quick browse through freelance writing jobs or forums and Facebook groups for remote workers will demonstrate that. You may be surprised by the number of areas in which you can find Freelance work. It isn’t restricted to just creative work, or professions that are commonly freelance (writers,  graphic designers, etc). In fact, almost every job you can think of can be done freelance remotely from your home – provided that you have a working internet connection! From legal work to sales, and everything in between!

Sell Junk From Around Your Home

You may be surprised at some of the things that you can sell online. From old phones that don’t even turn on, to your old jewelry, clothes and DVDs. There are various websites online that will organise a courier to come directly to  your door to pick up the unwanted goods. You don’t need to pawn all your worldly possessions, but you might easily make a few bucks from things that you don’t even use and which just sit around collecting dust.

Do Strange Ad-hoc Work

We’ve categorised this as strange ad-hoc work because that’s precisely what it is! If you check the website “Fiverr”, you will find dozens of strange job postings asking for assistance with lots of different random tasks, each typically paying five dollars. For example, checking someone’s resume, or proofreading an essay for mistakes. It’s not a lot of money but it’s certainly easy money for tasks that won’t take you very long at all to complete.

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