How much can Bwanaz help?

How much can Bwanaz help

The answer – a lot. While small businesses might only account for 45% of the GDP, 99% of all businesses in the United States are classified under the ‘small business’ label(1). That’s a massive number in comparison to the handful of corporations and major retailers that are strangling these businesses out of existence, either through design or mere presence in the market. selects product categories specializing for local store, for instance, wedding supplies, party supplies, beddings, casual dresses by set all size in one set pack, lipstick, outdoor cutting tools, art & crafts ,. Free Shipping or Local Pick-Up: Many of our sellers offer free shipping for their products, or if a business is located locally, we’ll make the arrangements ourselves – which saves the buyer shipping fees.

Sample Products: Our platform allows buyers to purchase a sample before making large purchases.

Free Marketing: If you’re a seller, you’ll have your products marketed on major outlets such as Facebook, Google, Craig’s List, Instagram, and more for free!

Processing: For nothing more than a 4% processing fee, sellers will be able to move bulk orders of their products.

We Love Local Businesses and want to keep their doors open.

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