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Music has been a pivotal part of our lives at all times no matter what the state of mind is. Playing music after reaching home after a tiring day refreshes our mind while on the other hand, it works as an energy booster while working out. No doubt we need a collection of music at all times. However, keeping music in our internal storages is quite a hassle now as we could lose all our collections in one go in case a format in the storage space is required. Therefore, we have come up with a list of the best offline music apps which help you store your music files within the app for you to listen anytime later. So, here it goes.


Spotify is possibly the most popular offline music app which can be run on iOS, Android and PC devices. It contains over 20 million music tracks which have to be downloaded once henceforth can be played by the user offline. Spotify is free to download on the official app stores however, to remove ads and avail extra features, the company charges $12.99 from its users.

Souncloud – Music & Audio

With over 150M music tracks, Soundcloud is tagged as the world’s largest audio library application. Soundcloud is another free offline music app for iOS and Android devices which contains mainstream and regional songs from almost every country in the world. It also lets users download music once from their library which can be later saved and played offline.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music is an Indian based offline music app for Android and iOS devices. It contains a large library of songs from around the world but mainly focuses on regional/focal songs from India. Wynk, just like the above apps lets users to save music files within it and allows users to play it whenever they want without having to save the file on their internal storage.

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