The worst Samsung Android Smartphone lineup

As we know that now, Smart phone is becoming a “must have” gadget for most people in all over the world. There are many companies that produced the smart phone, it is included Samsung. Samsung is well known as a big company that is always made the high quality product or technology, especially in the smart phone products. Many people are fallen in love with the products of smart phones that are launched by Samsung. However, according to some experts and also Samsung users, there are some series of Samsung smartphone that are awarded as the worst product or the worst smart phone that Samsung is ever made. What are they? Below is the further explanation about the worst Samsung Android Smartphone lineup.

1. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo. Are you one of the Grand Neo Users? If it so, you may be agreed that this series is worse. It is because the Grand Neo is really bad in recording a video and it has the too much bezel. So, there are many users that are disappointed with this series.

2. Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit is come with the satisfying battery power, but it is not followed by the other satisfying aspects. For example is the screen. The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit screen has the poor body that is made from plastic material. That is why; many people are assumed that this screen is looked “cheap”. The other bad thing is that the screen has the worse work and it did not had the good function as the common screen function.

3. Samsung Double Time. This smart phone is also called the Samsung Gravity Smart. The Samsung Gravity smart actually has the not bad specifications although the shape of this smart phone is really boring according to many people. They assumed that the shape of this smart phone is really out to date; it is just like the old phone shape. That is why; this smart phone is looked like a cheap smart phone with the better function than the other cheap smart phone.

4. Samsung Dart. The last Samsung Smart Phone with the worse appearance or function is the Samsung Dart. Samsung Dart has the 600 MHz processor power with the plastic material. Besides that, this smart phone is also had the good looking appearance although the price is affordable. However, the work or the function of this smart phone is very slow. Because of this reason, there are many Samsung Dart’s customers gave a lot of complain about how this smart phone is working.

So, above is the information about the Samsung Smart phone products that are awarded as the worse smart phone that Samsung is ever launched. If you were one of those smart phone users, you might be feeling the same complain as described on the explanation above and maybe it is the right time to get the new one. You can get or buy the other smart phone products from Samsung that have the much better features and also function.

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