The Top 4 Ways to make money by blogging

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If you want to make money blogging I recommend you to read the article till the end. When we search for the information we need, we come across the websites which keep itself hundred thousands of information. What do the site owners who spend all their time on their websites earn?. Read carefully the next parts of the article for clarifying for the appeared questions.

Yes, I said to make money blogging. You can also derive profit from making the blog. SEO Magnifier can ensure you if you can carry out the steps that I have written you will also be successful in this job. Make money from home is many people’s wish but most people stop their job because of unawareness.

It must have bellow conditions for being the owner of the qualitative and profitable blog.

  1. Make a blog on you are aware of the field!
  2. Write informative articles as you can!
  3. Share articles regularly (every day or every week)!

These methods which I have written will bring you visitors from Google and other search engines for your blog. If there are no visitors it is impossible to make money blogging, for this to bring visitors to blog and get regularly reader will bring you success in your job. You can also get visitors for your blog using other ways.

Use social platforms to get visitors for your blog. Share articles opening address in tribute to your blog on the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. Getting 10 visitors in a day will also affect to develop your blog.

You also discover the blog sites that they are in the same category with you and write good ideas using the best paraphrasing tool to avoid plagiarism about an article in the section of comment, besides you must write your blog address in the section of comment. It will make you both backlink and a new visitor.

Recognize your blog in other blog sites. Try to communicate with the blog owners who share articles in the same type as you. They should write an introduction article about your blog on their blog. This variant also creates you a chance for getting many regular readers of the blog.

4 Top Ideas To Make Money Blogging

Google Adsense

The first method that you are going to use to make money blogging will be to add the advertisements of the google Adsense to your blog. Your theme must match up google Adsense for the appearance of the advertisements of the google adsense in your website. The count of the advertisement seem and clicks will define your profit whether it is more or less. I recommend you to read my blah blah headlined writing to get more information about this method.

Remember, this is the most commonly used method among people who make money blogging. In this way there are blog sites earn a hundred thousands of dollars for a year. You can meet with the blogs in my blah blah headlined article.

Affiliate Marketing

In this method, you are going to provide the sale of the product that belong to the other in your blog. In affiliate marketing is not important the number of visitors, Delivering to right people the information about the product is to provide for the sale of the product. The number of visitors to your blog won’t prevent you in this method, on the contrary, it will be useful for you. For getting your earning from the sale of the product, it is not problem if the count of the visitor is less, the main is the product sale. But how much profit are you going to make? The incomes depend on the percent of each product, this changes from product to product.

For example, you have a blog which write information about women. Let’s suppose, you shared an writing named ”the best hair colors for women”. In this writing you can sell easily hair color products offered you. If your wrote article is read by 10000 visitors and is sold 100 products, you get 2 dollars from each sale, this is 200 dollars benefits. To be less or more of you made the profit depends on the product you want to sell. I can tell you many examples as it

Banner Advertisements

The next method you are going to make money blogging will be adding banner advertisements to your site. I can tell that it is a profitable method to place different measure banners to the certain parts of your blog. You can get extra earnings using this method when you get enough visitors after your blog site comes to a certain level. Advertisement owners themselves ask you to add banner advertisements belong to them instead of certain money. Certainly you are going to define amount because you are blog owner.

Advertorial Contents

The people who want to make money blogging would like to use your blog for getting visitors to the blog that they opened. But how will it happen? They will get both backlink and visitors to write presentation writing for their blog in yours. The people who visit your blog will also visit the customer’s blog address after reading this presentation writing.

Many proposals are going to come to your mail address after your website gets the place on the first pages on google for itself. It will be even such much suggestions that you find difficult to make the choice.


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