Los Angeles Edition: Benefits of Biking to Work

Los Angeles is a city of warm weather, entertainment dreams and vibrant culture. It’s also a city of traffic. LA traffic is notorious for being extensive and incredibly slow-moving. It is often ranked among the worst cities in the country for commuting by car. If you live in LA, you are likely familiar with this problem. The solution may be urban bikes.

Skip the Traffic Jams

Perhaps the single best benefit of biking to work is that you can avoid all the traffic jams. You’ll feel great as your cycle past all the miserable drivers wishing they weren’t sitting in traffic right now. If you live in LA, you know that this benefit alone is reason enough to buy a bike today.

No Need To Park

Another challenge of driving in any city is the need to park. While LA is a little better than some places, it can still be a struggle to find parking spaces near work and home each day. Some workplaces have parking lots that make this easier. However, if you don’t have that luxury, you should be looking up “city bike for sale” right now.


It is true that some road bikes can cost a decent amount at first. However, compared to a car, their maintenance costs are minimal. There is no gas to buy and the consumable parts are relatively inexpensive, and you can do the work yourself. Compared to bringing your car to the mechanic, maintaining your bike is much cheaper. It is even less expensive than paying to ride public transit every day.

Get Some Exercise

LA famously has a lot of attractive residents who do their best to look fit and cool. Riding a bike is a simple way to get some exercise and stay in shape. You don’t even need to go full tilt to enjoy the activity benefits of cycling. You can get to work without breaking a sweat and still get much more exercise than driving a car or sitting on a train.

Cleaner Air

LA has some good paths and trails that you can only take on a bike or walking. These are away from the exhaust-filled highways and traffic jams. You may not notice it when you are driving, but you are breathing in some of the exhaust from the surrounding cars. Taking your bike is a good way to enjoy some cleaner air.

You can also contribute to that clean air by producing fewer emissions. A bicycle creates no emissions once it has been manufactured. Even the environmental cost of making a bike is significantly less than a car. Some people opt for electric bikes to make commuting easier. These are a little less eco-friendly than conventional bikes but are still way better than even electric cars.

Learn MoreCheck out some mens and womens hybrid bikes and commuters to see if you can find one that will work for you. Riding a bike in LA is so much better than driving to work. Order your bike today and see how much better the experience is. You’ll never look back once you get started.

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