Carpet Cleaning and its Different Types Unveiled

Although when it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning expert, people today are spoilt for choice but it is essential to know about the various cleaning methods used by such companies because not every cleaning technique will be ideal for all carpets.

The Different Types- A Sneak Peek

Take a look at the various carpet cleaning methods that a professional carpet cleaning company generally uses,

Hot Water Extraction– Also called steam carpet cleaning, this cleaning uses hot water of high pressure for agitating the carpet fibers, thereby dissolving dirt in carpets. This cleaning generally includes applying cleaning agent on the soiled surface followed by carpet agitation with brush and finally rinsing. As the agents settle on the carpet, it will then be washed through cleaning equipment for thoroughly rinsing the agent and then leave it to dry in air-conditioned or room temperature. To know more, visit

Carpet Shampooing– This technique helps in cleaning a carpet that is heavily soiled but leaves behind in the carpet a lot of foam residue which takes enough time for drying, gets sticky when dried as after shampooing there is no rinsing done and re-soiling the carpet rapidly makes this method less popular.

Encapsulation– The technique of foam encapsulation uses synthetic detergents which, when dried crystallizes into powder. The loose dirt particles present in the carpet fiber gets encapsulated into powder and is brushed or vacuumed after cleaning. This is chosen over carpet shampooing as the former method utilizes less water that leads to briefer drying time. It has become a favorite amid those that advocate utilizing eco-friendly products as it leaves behind lesser chemical residue after cleaning in comparison to the carpet shampooing technique.

Bonnet Cleaning– It offers excellent surface cleaning results chiefly because it includes cleaning the carpet fibers upper part with a motorized machine of heavy duty having a spinning pad that is immersed in a cleaning solution for absorbing the dirt from the surface of the carpet. In fact, bonneting is widely used in hotels as it gives a prompt fix solution for cleaning carpets in public area with heavy traffic that needs carpet in being cleaned devoid of much moisture thereby drying right away which avoids inconvenience to the guests in the hotel.

Dry Carpet Cleaning– Also known as compound cleaning this is one of the latest cleaning technologies that has gained enough approvals and popularity by top carpet manufacturers owing to its convenience and effective cleaning performance as this not need drying time. Its key highlight is the application either of powder or cleaning compound into the bottom of the carpet through a rotating brush machine that has a motorized counter for opening up the fibers of the carpet and allowing the compound in settling inside thereby resulting in deep carpet cleaning outcome. Here the cleaning compound used is made from a biodegradable material which acts as micro-sponges that can absorb dissolved dirt effectively in the carpet. It can be thoroughly removed towards the completion of the cleaning method. Dry carpet cleaning indeed is safe for every form of carpet and highly suggested for commercial buildings that require operating 24/7.

Consult a carpet cleaning specialist today and to help you make the most of the best cleaning technique.

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