How to Dress Your Kids for the Summer

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Summer brings a lot of excitement, outdoor adventures, and playtime in the sun. But all the joys of the summer come with a cost, as prolonged exposure to the sun can cause an array of issues, particularly for children. That is why you have to be smart about how you dress your kids for the summer.

It goes without saying that you have to make sure you’re buying the highest quality clothes from shops such as Moderne Child. The clothes you choose have to be comfortable yet offer enough protection from the sun so your kids can enjoy the playtime outside.

In this article, we are going to cover a few tips on how to choose the right clothes for your kids this summer.

Go for Cotton

The main concern during the hottest summer days is overheating, both for children and adults. To prevent your kid from overheating, make sure to buy clothes made from pure cotton.

Cotton is a lightweight material that helps the skin breathe and doesn’t block perspiration, yet offers protection from the sun. This eliminates any risks of overheating and irritation to the skin.
Clothes made from pure, natural cotton are easy to come by these days and come in playful and fashionable colors and styles. You can find some wonderful cotton dresses here:

Lose the Layers

While layers are perfect for any other season, they can be a real burden in the summer. Therefore, make sure your toddlers are not wearing a onesie under their outfit. Instead go for light, sleeveless dresses for girls and casual cotton shirts and easy to pull-on shorts for the boys.

Use Sun-Blocking Clothes

If you’re planning a picnic or planning to spend the whole day outside, make sure to get sun-blocking clothes for your kids to keep them protected. These clothes, called UPF block most of the sunlight from penetrating them and reaching your kids’ skin. So a dress with the UPF value of 20 only lets 1/20th of the sun through. If necessary, choose clothes with a higher UPF value for further protection.

Focus on Protective Accessories

Sun hats are not only really fashionable and go with anything, they are a great way to protect your child’s head from the dangerous sunlight. If your kids refuse to wear sunblock, having a hat is mandatory. Go for hats with chin straps so they don’t lose them easily. As for the materials, again go for cotton hats with a strong UPF value.

Speaking of accessories, sunglasses are also a key component of the summer style as they provide protection against UVA and UVB rays. If your kid refuses to wear them, get the kind with an elastic band. Set an example by wearing sunglasses yourself.

Get Comfortable Sandals

Kids are known to run wild while they’re playing outside, so having a comfortable, supportive pair of sandals is a must. Children have tender feet that need protection both from above and below. Make sure the sandals are sturdy enough to protect them from the terrain, but also enclosed enough to protect them from the sun. Ideally, you should look for sandals that dry quickly and have a flexible sole.

Get the Pool Gear Ready

Since the sunlight becomes more intense around bodies of water like the sea or a pool, your kid’s skin needs to be covered at all times. Pair the swimsuit with a long-sleeved cotton shirt to protect them while they’re outside of water. Alternatively, you can find a good rash guard. They are made from fabrics that dry fast and offer extra protection from the UV rays.

Find the Right Pajamas

Finally, since sleep is extremely important and summer nights are known to be hot, you need to find the right pair of pajamas for your kids. If your AC is constantly running during the nights, pair a pair of cotton pajamas with a light blanket. If your home tends to get too hot or if your kid gets warm during bedtime, consider onesies and light bedsheets instead.

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