5 Reasons Why Solar Panels Are Humanity’s Greatest Invention

Humanity has sure come a long way.

Ever since the dawn of man, we have been striving to make our lives easier by utilizing tools, which is what ultimately separated us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Every now and then an invention so revolutionary completely changes the course of mankind, whether it’s the wheel, penicillin or the microchip. One of the most revolutionary inventions humankind takes pride in is harvesting the power of the sun to create electricity.

Solar power has yet to change the world in the way that the wheel or the microchip have. But we’re getting there. More and more homeowners are turning to companies such as Action Solar to help them reap the benefits of the solar power in their own home.

In this article, we’ll explain why we think solar power is one of humankind’s greatest inventions.

Solar Power Can Help Us after a Disaster

We’ve seen an increasing number of catastrophic hurricanes and tsunamis in the last couple of years. Natural disasters are known for merciless destruction, and the local power grid is often the first casualty.

After the hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, the country was left without power. Thanks to solar power, hospitals, fire stations and other key facilities were able to keep running and helping people brave through the aftermath.

Solar panels can also help your own home after a disaster. Solar panels are quite sturdy and able to withstand severe pressure. In fact, the only time solar panels get damaged is if the roof they’re mounted on collapses as well.

Solar Power Brings Electricity Everywhere

There are still a lot of people on the earth living without electricity, even in some countries we consider developed. The reason is most often the fact that the power grid cannot reach some places due to various reasons.

However, solar power can help deliver electricity where it previously couldn’t go. By building miniature solar grids, we can now provide electricity to some hard to reach places and bring light and power anywhere, as it was done in Kenya.

As the cost of solar panels and installation keeps dropping, building such localized grids will become more feasible.

They Add Value to Your House

You might be able to relate to this one better. Numerous studies have shown that homes with solar panel installed go well on the market and usually sell better. And the price of a solar-powered home is almost the same as the cost of installing the solar panels.

If you were thinking about selling your home, consider installing solar panels before listing it. There are also a lot of financing options, as you can find out here: https://actionsolar.net.

Solar Panels Can Save You Money

One of the main selling points for solar power is that it can save you a lot of money on electricity in the long run. Whether you choose to take a loan or pay up front, you’ll find that the long-term savings well surpass the initial investment. Solar power makes a lot of sense in places where the electricity rates are known to vary violently.

Solar Panel Leads to a Better Future

In a future not so far away, installing solar panels will be more affordable than transmitting the energy from plants that rely on traditional fuel sources like coal or natural gas. When that time comes, everyone will start investing in solar panels and storage facilities everywhere. This will eliminate the need for the traditional sources. Less of these plants means decreasing our carbon footprint, which in turn means a healthier planet.

If you want to think further than your peers, like some of the greatest minds in human history did consider investing in solar power right now and start reaping benefits of clean, green energy before everyone else.

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