Best PCB software of 2019

Why do we need an efficient PCB software for making a desired printed circuit board. These boards are significant because they occupy less space, the manufacturers does not get stuck in in untangling the wires.
They are boards made up of copper or some conducting metal and for minimizing the loss of current they are insulated with some insulating material such as rubber.

Many electricians and engineering students use these boards for making a number of devices. Printed circuit boards are used for making calculators, toys, heavy electrical machinery, cars etc.

There are a number of PCb available in the market, they are single layered PCB which are used for manufacturing simple devices. Multi layer PCB are sued for making some comparatively complex machinery. The rigid and flexible PCB are also used for making cars and washing machines. Depending upon their uses Pcb are divided in many types such as 32 layers Pcb, PCB, Rigid- flex Pcb and more.

For making a PCB you have to design a circuit on a software, then you print that circuit on an A4 paper. Later on you start for stamping that circuit print on a copper board. In this article we will check what are the best, efficient and effective PCb making software we can use for getting a high class and reliable PCB.

All these software are designed to encourage and support students , some of these are a bit expensive but I believe that if someone is passionate about their work and ideas , then nothing is impossible.


This is one of the most widely used PCB software. You can have a number of new features while using it.

This software specifically deals in designing double and multilayer PCB. many students learn to use this software aptly, this is essential for professional purposes. Designing a high frequency PCB can be a little difficult through this software but there are options for premium packages as well.

You can also get some information about using this software through online sources. The best way for learning its uses is some courses related to electrical engineering.


If you are looking for a comprehensible and reliable interface you can use oracle. Orcad is easy to use , although its features are not that good but for simple PCB designs it can be more than best.

It is with the best features of management in designing because it is reliable and easy to use. The simple integrated systems help a lot in understanding ones own design.


This software is well known for its very strong schematic diagrams. Which help the designers in a variety of ways.

It has got a number of advanced functions such as annotations, copper cladding, batch command and execution script file etc.

Easy EDA

This is a free software which is one of the best software for students and for those who are new in this field. Many people complain that these software are very expensive and they are unable to afford them.

They can use Easy EDA for free, you do not need to install this software. this reliable software can will only work on web.

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