The Best Treadmill Buying Guide

Are you looking for that perfect treadmills and needing some advice on how to buy best treadmill to get started?.Over the past few years, at home workouts have become such a huge part in our lives. We are aware of how busy our day-to-day lives can be, and how crazy the weather can get at times. We are also guilty of making excuses just to avoid small conveniences. Despite knowing that health does not wait until we have free time or nice weather. We simply have to make time for it and, as a slogan says, just do it.

Studies over the years have proved that people are more likely to make exercise a habit when it can easily be accomplished. Convenience that your home offers will encourage you to stay fit. Rgardless of the weather or how busy you will be. Being done in the comfort of your own home, your workout schedule can be flexible. You can do it right in the morning, or after you get off work. There are lots of at-home workouts for you to choose, and treadmill is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices.

Treadmill has long been considered as one of the most perfect exercise equipments. Focusing on cardiovascular training, it has myriad of health benefits. Not only is it a good equipment to train endurance, it’s also good fitness equipment for those looking for full-body workout. However, many people hesitate on purchasing the equipment. Yes, treadmills can be expensive. But when you know what to look for, you will be able to find one that is suitable for your needs.

Check out advice on how to buy best treadmill below.

· Pay attention to the motor horsepower

You know the quality of a treadmill just by looking at the horsepower delivered by its drive motor. However, not everyone is able to figure out motor specifications and horsepower. To be safe, at least look for one with 1.5 horsepower. But if you plan on running on your treadmill frequently on a regular basis, look for one with 2.5 to 3.0 horsepower. Also, please note the heavier your bodyweight, the more horsepower needed.

· Learn minimum specification

Other than the motor horsepower, you must also pay attention to the belt size, incline, speed, stability, cushioning, and control panel. When it comes to belt size, it must be at least 16-inches wide and 48-inches long. Treadmills with speed of more than 10mph and at least 10-percent incline gives better running experience. As for the cushioning and stability, look for one that does not move around or shake for every foot-strike. Still not sure what to look for? Check out our recommendation below.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750

Looking for a top-rated treadmill that is powerful yet does not break your bank account is challenging. But this NordicTrack Commercial 1750 definitely surpasses expectations. Not only does it come with affordable price, it also offers incredible power and easy-to-use features. Comes with 7-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity, you can stay connected as you get your sweat on. Speaking of performance, it comes with 3.6 CHP motor. Other features and benefits can be seen in the following list:

· Requires less space as it’s foldable

· Equipped with strong and pleasantly quiet motor that reaches up to 12mph

· Fitted with 38 built-in workout programs

· Adjustable incline and decline running features

· Comes with three fans as cooling system during exercise

Sole F63 Treadmill

If you have limited budget, nothing can beat Sole F63 Folding Treadmill. With less than 1,000-dollars, the treadmill does not only offer the utmost affordability, but also quality. With 60-inches of running surface and solid yet quiet 3.0 CHP motor, Sole F63 is one of the high-performing treadmills. Comes with a modern console equipped with ten different training programs, you are bound to find the right programs to utilize. Not only that, it also features 6.5-inches LCD and also an integrated fitness mobile app.

· Takes up less space as it’s foldable

· Comes with powerful motor with flywheels cooling system for it to last longer

· For easy use, the treadmill comes with built-in workout programs

· Bluetooth connectivity to make sure you can stay connected as you get your workout in

· It also comes with adjustable incline and decline features to challenge yourself

While the aforementioned treadmills are well known for their incredible performance and affordable prices, there are quite a few others to take into consideration. Proform Pro 2000, NordicTrack Commercial 1650, and Life Fitness T5 are among the top-rated, high-quality treadmills. Follow the link for more specification details and more advice on how to buy best treadmill.

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