Should You Use a Case on Your iPhone X? – The Pros and Cons of iPhone Case

Are you considering to give your new iPhone X a protective case but you are afraid that it’s not a good idea? To help you make the right decision, let’s find out the pros and cons of using a case on your new iPhone X.

The Pros

  • Extra Protection

Actually, iPhone X is designed to be strong and durable. So, unless you drop your phone from the 14th floor, the phone will be perfectly okay if it accidentally falls to the floor. For this reason alone, many people decide to not protect their phone with a protective case.

However, just because your phone will not suddenly stop working when it drops, it doesn’t mean that it will not get some scratches and dents. This is why using phone case is still very important. No matter how expensive your iPhone is, if it is full of scratches here and there, it is not going to look good. You can browse case iPhone X EagleTechZ to find some nice cases that can give your phone extra protection.

  • It Makes Your Phone Unique

iPhone X indeed has the beautiful design. However, there are thousands of people out there that use the exact same phone as you. If you want to add your personality to your phone, a beautiful phone case will perfectly do the job. You can take a look at EagleTechZ Case iPhone X to find a unique iPhone X case that suits your personality.

  • A Cheap Way to Protect Your Phone

There are many ways to give more protection for your fancy phone. One of them is buying insurance. But if you think insurance is too expensive, covering your phone with a high quality phone case can be a much cheaper alternative.

  • Keep the Resale Value High

iPhone’s resale value is pretty low because the company always comes up with more sophisticated models which make the older models seem outdated. If you want to keep the resale value of your phone high, you must at least protect its appearance. If the iPhone is still in perfect condition with very minimum scratches because you cover it with case, the resale value will not drop drastically.

The Cons

  • It Makes the Phone Bulkier

It is a fact that using a phone case can make the phone bulkier. People buy iPhone X because they love its slim and simple design. So, covering it with a phone case can get in the way of the purpose of buying the phone.

  • It Covers the Design

iPhone has become the symbol of pride and prestige since it reaches the peak of its popularity. There is a sense of pride when you are using a brand new iPhone X. Due to its unique design, people can tell that you are using iPhone just with one glance. As a result, many people hesitate to use phone case because they don’t want to cover the design.


After reading the pros and cons of using iPhone case, it is safe to say that covering your iPhone X with the protective case is the best option. This is because the drawbacks of using a phone case are simply cosmetic. Furthermore, there are good solutions to solve those problems.

iPhone X is not cheap and you certainly don’t want to see your precious phone covered in scratches and dents. If the bulky case makes you uncomfortable, then don’t choose a big rugged case. There are many types of iPhone cases and some of them are very slim and comfortable to hold, for example, bumper case or shell case. If you choose a phone case that is designed specifically for iPhone X, then you don’t have to worry that the case will hide the beauty of the phone’s design.

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