How Summary Generator Create a Summary from Your Article

When you write an article, text, or any writing form and share it with the world, you will need a summary. You will need it for your long article that consists of thousands of words. A summary tells people about the main ideas of a text. But, it did that without revealing the detail or the most important part of the text. By revealing this main idea, people who have an interest in it will try to find more by reading the text. That is the main purpose of a summary. So, how can we write or make a good summary? The answer is by manually writing it down or you can use the Summary generator.

How Does the Summary Generator Work?

A summary generator is a tool that will capture the main topic and ideas of an article or wall of text. You can find this kind of tool available on the internet for a free and paid version. The paid or premium version has a better feature which allows you to create a better-summarized result of your text or article. However, both of them work using the same method.

The summary generator uses the only text you provide. It doesn’t use other resources, such as taking the content from other websites. It works by using two methods to create the compact version of the text you put in this tool. They are:

  • Abstractive Text Summarization – the summary tool will use the word and phrases within the text to find the semantic relation in that text. Through this method, the tool will be able to find out the topic of that phrase or sentence. Then, it will change it into a shortened version using different words. That’s how it creates the summary that we need.
  • Extractive Text Summarization – as for this method, the summary generator tool will search and find similar words and their usage frequency in a text you put in that tool. Once it found those similarities, it used them as the base to create the short version of that text. 

Things to Remember

As explained above, the summary generator tool depends heavily on the text that you want to turn into a summary form. Therefore, you have to write a good-quality article if you also want to get the best summary.

Emphasize the idea through unique words. Put some easy-to-understand phrases in it. That way, the summary generator tool can easily capture the main idea of that text. From that data, it will also be able to create the summary that you want. Therefore, you also need keywords with the highest quality in your article. You may have to do some research for this one, but that’s necessary.


A Summary generator is indeed a useful tool that helps many people. If they want to write an article, writing task, school assignment, and even dissertation, this tool can be one of the best supporting tools they can use. So, try to find one that has the best performance. You will also get the most satisfying summary for your text.

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