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For more than a quarter, New Delhi Television has been a pioneer in Indian news television and digital journalism. Founded in 1988 by Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy, NDTV today is India’s most-watched, trusted, and respected news network and leader on the Internet. From the break-up of “The World This Week” (nominated as one of India’s 5 best television programs since independence), the first independent news on Doordarshan “The News Tonight.” NDTV is now primarily an online company with a leading website – – India’sI 1st place for mainstream news.

Appearing to be an honest, impartial, and fearless military leader, the ongoing NDTV campaigns of victory and injustice and human rights abuses have forced ruthless governments to take action, change the law and make the nation aware of social power.

YouTube has been a great blessing to all Indian news channels regardless of the language in which they do it. Views of all the leading news channels on YouTube have seen rapid growth and profoundly send Reliance Jio to India.

Vidooly’s ”Indian News Industry Report on YouTube features viewership statistics for news channels in 13 languages ​​and a deeper understanding of YouTube Top 10 channels in terms of views. The top 4 major events are considered in this report due to the many circumstances between January-August 2019. In-depth understanding of the top 10 news channels on YouTube, more than 100,000 videos are analyzed to categorize into different news categories, uploads, and based on major mentioned events above.

English news channels on YouTube

The 55 leading English News channels are considered from YouTube, which accounts for 2.51 billion views during Jan ’19’19 – Aug’19Aug’19.

Top 10 viewer channels:


India Today


Hindustan times

Indian Express Online


Republic World

Indian Times

Times Now


NDTV (552.14 million) is the most-watched YouTube channel in English, followed by India Today (232.17 million) and The Quint (189.94 million). These top 3 channels have a viewing share of approximately 38.79 percent of English news channels on YouTube.

54.84 percent of views appear on traditional news channels on YouTube, clearly showing the closing gap between traditional and digital news channels only in the English language.

In February 2019, there were 14.46 percent of total views. Major news at this time includes the Plagues and Balakot Strikes. April 2019 made 15.16 percent of the sweeping views, the highest viewing ratio between Jan-19-Aug’19Jan-19-Aug’19 English-language news channels on YouTube.

May 2019 anticipate 15.04 percent of total views. Main Event: Lok Sabha Election 2019. The months of June and July 2019 were 10.23 percent and a share of 10.75 percent of the full picture, respectively. Major Event: ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. August 2019 was 14.44 percent full view. Significant events: Repeal of Article 370 and 73 days of independence.

Hindi news channels on YouTube

The top 140 Hindi News channels are considered on YouTube, accounting for 21.63 billion views between January-August 2019.

Top 10 viewer channels:

Aaj Tak

ABP News

India TV

ABP Hindi News


Zee News

NMF News

News Tak


Bharat Tak

Aaj Tak (2.15 billion) is the most-watched YouTube channel in Hindi, followed by ABP News (1.79 billion) and India TV (1.78 billion). The top 3 channels have a viewing share of approximately 26.42 percent of Hindi News channels on YouTube.

62% of the views Appear on Traditional News Channels on YouTube.

In February 2019, it was 16.53 percent of the total views. Major news at this time included the attack on Pulwama and the Balakot Strikes. The episode for viewing in February 2019 is the top Hindi language news channel on YouTube between January 19-Aug’19.

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