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Before the emergence of e-commerce, the shopping trend has never been this enticing. Today, the online shopping industry is immense and getting finer every day. This online industry has become a superweapon to reach the customer and ignite their interest by providing them quality at a reasonable price. Many big names have stepped into the online world and are stealing the spotlight with their vast range of cosmetics products and accessories. Some giants like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, MercadoLibre, and others are revolutionizing the world of e-commerce from day one.

Among some of the big and well-established names, Atomee is a name that has made the world not to overlook its services with their biggest range of compelling beauty products, entirely professional and optimized user experience-based strategy, and full potential. 

The e-industry never remains the same. Every day new trends arrive and change the flow of customer’s attention. Understanding this, Atomee offers its numerous services to stay innovative and eliminate the barriers between the end-user (shopping-lovers) and the product providers. For Atomee, innovation is the key to consumer satisfaction. Also, we believe it is essential in order to stay competitive in the marketing world.   

Our Vision

The beauty industry is already very well-established. Atomee being the world’s most emerging beauty product supplier believes in growth for all. That is the reason Atomee is providing multiple startups and struggling vendors an opportunity to grow, with the vastest online beauty product delivering platform designed to remove the barriers between customer and vendor. And to deliver splendid shopping experiences as well!

With a vision to provide nothing but the quality of easily accessible products, Atomee is becoming a highly recommended beauty product supplying platform. Delivering you, what works for you!

What Makes Atomee Special? 

In addition to the diversified range of available products, Atomee offers a unique idea that makes it competitive, unique, and steps up its game in the beauty world. The idea is its search engine. Technology is facilitating the lives and Atomee believes in it. This platform always looks ahead for ways to simplify and smoothen the online cosmetics shopping experience. For the purpose, the search engine by Atomee has over a million consumer products which make it easier to buy the desired products by a simple click. The use of data analytics makes the product recommendation process easier. Products are displayed based on user search history and interests. The search engine product recommendations work the same as Google but are more precise providing you with the exact item.

 A few scroll downs and you have it at your doorstep!

Facilities for Sellers

Taking a business from a startup to an established entity is not an easy thing to do. Initially, businesses need to have an open hand on their marketing strategies. The marketing tactics usually revolve around social media marketing and bulk messaging. Atomee has made the potential customer reach easier with its free merchant based accounts. These merchant accounts are helping many businesses to grow bigger and stronger. Vendor accounts come with many pros including SaaS, front end single listing content design, copywriting, and videos so the content may rank higher, eliminating the hinders of e-commerce.

Access to Social Media links and Feedbacks:

In the e-market, a product is recognized due to its feedbacks and consumer reviews. Atomee works with trusted vendors and suppliers and believes in unbiased reviews for long term business relations. Therefore, social media links and separate feedback bars are provided to the end-users. This way the product quality remains the same and customer satisfaction reaches the peak. For eliminating the communication gap between the shopping lover and vendors, Atomee mentions the direct links so that the consumer can visit the vendor host, any instant.

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