Content marketing tools you can’t live without

Content marketing has become popular and effective in the recent times. It is very important to have meaningful and engaging content for your business to get relevant audiences and customers. Marketing in this form brings you new customers and create better relationships them who will value your business. The Search Engine Optimisation is trying to make sure that the websites are being provided with high-quality content so that it yields better search results. There are a few excellent marketing tools which you can use to make your content more marketable. Brainbasket brings you some popular tools which are as follows-

1) BuzzSumo- It is a tool that has been designed for content marketing and can tell you exactly what type of content is popular or performing well in the industry. It is more useful in finding the titles and meta descriptions for a content. BuzzSumo also gives us the data of how many shares a content is getting on social media and what its influence after sharing it. This helps to target the social networking sites and reach out to people easily. This tool can also be used to see how the content of a competitive business is doing and has been marketed on social media platforms. Alerts are sent to you whenever there is a post from a competitor or they are planning a strategy. A highly recommended tool for beginners when they start in a particular industry.

2) Kred- This app has been designed to value the credibility of influences online relevant to social media activity. It is filtered through this app and tells you the top picks for the particular industry are. It is very important to plan the source to reach influences as it helps determine who will have the most effect on the business. This tool also allows the people to see your credibility on the basis of your engagement score which results in building up the trust of the customers in your business.

3) ClearVoice- This is a tool for content marketing which allows the businesses and writers to interact in a shared ecosystem. Both the parties can connect easily using interface and plan content strategy with its analytic tools. The tool helps to connect businesses, writers and publishing circles in one common shared marketplace and allows to employ the service of content writers who may be more appropriate to identify your brand in a strategical manner. Clear voice has identified itself to be one of the best tools when it comes to networking with the best writers and distributors available in the industry. It helps to maximize the quality of content of the business and its overall reach. Brain basket makes the best content writers available to you.

4) Tweroid- A tool that makes your content marketing strategy possible to be used on Twitter can be done by using the tool called Tweroid. The audiences actively use Twitter when your content is published and are more likely to engage audiences quickly. This tool uses the data on your Twitter profile and your followers to know exactly how your content is fairing and how much business it is generating.

5) Canva- this is a tool that generates high-quality posts and provides a wide variety of content that creates an exact size Canvas for your content according to the platform it is going to be published. It is a visually interesting tool that creates better engagement with your audience.

Some tools that are helpful to market your content have been discussed above use them to the at most for generating more audiences and customers. Refer to for more details.

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